Advisory Board

Arthur Adler

Arthur Adler '78

Chairman, Cornell Center for Real Estate and Finance

President, Adler Hotel Advisors LLC

Richard Baker

Richard Baker '88

Governor and Chief Executive Officer
Michael Barnello

Michael Barnello '87

Former President and Chief Executive Officer
Rodney Clough

Rodney Clough '94

Managing Partner


Navin Dimond

Navin Dimond, P '14 & '19

President and Chief Executive Officer
Joel Eisemann

Joel Eisemann, MPS RE '80

Chief Development Officer, The Americas
Habib Enauetullah

Habib Enayetullah

Senior Vice President for Real Estate and Asset Management

Nolan Hecht '97

Senior Managing Director & Head of Real Estate
Kate Henriksen

Kate Henriksen '96

Senior Vice President Investment and Portfolio Analysis
Kenneth Himmel

Kenneth Himmel '70

President and Chief Executive Officer
Related Urban

Co-Managing Partner
Gulf Related

Jeffrey Horwitz

Jeffrey Horwitz

Partner, Mergers and Acquisitions Private Equity Real Estate (Head) Lodging and Gaming (Head) Private Equity Corporate Governance International Practice Group
David Israel

David Israel '09

Senior Vice President, CHA
David Jubitz

David Jubitz '04

Co-chief Investment Officer
Robert Kline

Rob Kline '84

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Terence Loh

Terence Loh '97

Senior Vice President
Neil Luthra

Neil Luthra

Jay Mantz

Jay Mantz, P '21

President, New York
Alfonso Munk

Alfonso Munk '96

Chief Investment Officer, Americas
Chris Ohlsson

Chip Ohlsson

Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, North America Wyndham Hotel Group
Mark Owens

Mark Owens '00

Executive Vice President and Head of Hospitality Capital Markets
Daniel Peek

Daniel Peek '92

President, Hotel Group


Dilip Petigara

Dilip Petigara

Chief Executive Officer
David Pollin

David Pollin '90

Co-founder and President
Ray Potter

Ray Potter '87 (CALS), MBA '92

Founder and Managing Partner
Ben Rowe

Ben Rowe '96

Founder and Managing Partner
Jackie Soffer

Jackie Soffer P ’20

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Robert Springer

Robert Springer '99

Executive Vice President - Chief Investment Officer
Alan Tantleff

Alan Tantleff '87

Senior Managing Director - Corporate Finance/Restructuring and Practice Leader - Hospitality Gaming and Leisure
Dan Unger

Dan Unger '97

Chief Development Officer
Lanhee Yung

Lanhee Yung '97

Managing Director and Global Head of Fundraising - Investor Relations