Master of Management in Hospitality

Advance your career in hospitality with a one-of-a-kind, twelve-month Ivy League master’s program, and prepare to be a leading force in the industry.


  • Marketing Management
  • Operations and Revenue Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Directed Study

Baker Program in Real Estate

Learn from the largest full-time real estate faculty in the country in the premiere master’s program of its kind, and become an expert in real estate’s unique challenges and opportunities.


  • International Real Estate
  • Real Estate Consulting and Market Analysis
  • Property, Asset, and Portfolio Management
  • Development and Sustainability
  • Real Estate Finance and Investments
  • Independent Concentration

Graduate Minor in Real Estate

Regardless of your primary discipline, add an in-depth knowledge of real estate that will benefit you in any industry.

MS and PhD

Pursue a career teaching hospitality management in an academic environment, conduct groundbreaking research in the field, and prepare to influence the next generation of hospitality leaders.