About the Hotel School

We are pioneers—and we have been for more than 90 years. We venture through uncharted territory, clearing a path for the future of hospitality. Beginning in hotel operations in 1922 and growing to incorporate expertise in areas from food and beverage to real estate and financeentrepreneurship, and labor and employment relations, we explore the most exotic places in travel and leisure, push the boundaries of knowledge and research, and invite the world to follow our path to discover and create the future of our industry.

Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge about hospitality management through teaching, research, industry relations, and service.

Dean's Welcome

Dean Kate Walsh

Students come to SHA "to take part in a deeply rewarding and truly remarkable educational experience, and to graduate ready to rise as leaders in their enterprises, industries, and local and global communities," says Dean Kate Walsh.

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We broke ground when we became the world’s first undergraduate hospitality management degree program, and we continue to forge new paths today to make the world a more hospitable place tomorrow.

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The Statler Hotel

Experience the future of hospitality at the Statler Hotel, a world-class luxury hotel with an educational mission in the heart of the picturesque Finger Lakes.

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Nestlé Library

Our adventurous students feel right at home in our energetic un-library space that celebrates the social nature of our industry.

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Reserve a Facility

As one of the world’s top hospitality schools, we believe in sharing the joy of service. See how you can experience SHA hospitality.

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