Where the Nolan School Can Take You

Our business education is nearly 100 years in the making.

At the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of what it means to be in the business of hospitality. That’s why our alumni flourish as global leaders and innovators in any business, but especially in the world of hospitality and real estate. Together, our alumni and faculty make us the hub of the hospitality industry. That’s why we have more than a seat at the table. We host the table.

The Hotelie Difference

Our faculty and alumni are the influencers and innovators of the hospitality industry. They are the pioneers and trailblazers who are engineering new possibilities for the future of our business. And they’re all deeply connected by our successful Hotelie community. Many of our professors have real-world experience and networks within their industries, which is further enhanced by each impressive alumni. The connectedness of Hotelies is just one of the many advantages to earning a degree from the Nolan School, below are a few that we’re particularly proud to call our own.

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Our Business is Hospitality

Hospitality touches every business and every venture. At the Nolan School, you’ll develop a strong business acumen that is enhanced by our shared passion for hospitality. This ensures that our alumni are the leaders and visionaries that are pushing the boundaries of what it means to lead the business of hospitality.

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Real Estate is a Foundation

Real estate is more than making the deal – it’s understanding the value of your assets. We teach you how to uncover this value through a robust real estate foundation that’s designed to prepare you for the financial and transactional side of hospitality. This is the cornerstone of our education.

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Data is Our Guide

As use of data continues to become more widespread, demands for more curated or personalized experiences will drive revenue models and business strategies. You’ll learn how to understand, analyze, and use data to make impactful strategic decisions that will guide the future of the industry.

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Rooted in Innovation

No matter your area of interest or passion, the Nolan School experience will transform you into a dynamic leader. We’ll develop your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and build your emotional intelligence so you’ll become a versatile professional who is empowered to be a catalyst for innovation.

Alumni Highlights

Elizabeth Blau ’97

Founder and CEO of restaurant development company Blau + Associates
The Nolan School
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Biography for Elizabeth Blau ’97

"SHA [Nolan School] truly changed the course of my professional career! The access to students, faculty, alumni, and an extraordinary host of guest speakers is incomparable!"

Keith Barr ’92

CEO of IHG Hotels and Resorts
The Nolan School
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Biography for Keith Barr ’92

"My time at SHA [Nolan School] gave me a deep understanding of the hospitality industry that was underpinned by a comprehensive business curriculum and helped me form critical industry relationships. These factors combined to set me on the path to be a successful leader in business."

Christina Heggie ’10

Global Partnerships Lead for Google Travel
The Nolan School
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Biography for Christina Heggie ’10

"Attending SHA [Nolan School] expanded my purview, jump started my career, and established my skill sets of communication, problem solving, and people management that I’ve used throughout life since."

Jess Petitt ’05

Vice President of Analytics at Hilton
The Nolan School
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Biography for Jess Petitt ’05

"SHA [Nolan School] helped me build a connection between what matters most - the spirit of hospitality and taking care of fellow team members - and how I could make a difference by pursuing my strengths in understanding complex problems through data. Every year I come back to recruit that mix of passion and analytical rigor and am constantly impressed."

Gilda Perez-Alvarado ’02

Global CEO of JLL Hotels & Hospitality
The Nolan School
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Biography for Gilda Perez-Alvarado ’02

“Being a part of Cornell is essential. The school [Nolan School] represents the future of our industry and staying connected means we can afford students future work opportunities, we can network with alumni to discuss pressing industry issues, and we have the best hospitality community in the world.”

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Our Hotelie Experience

We are the first and only program of its kind – one that artfully crafts an experience that combines strategic business principles with the spirit and the language of hospitality. Our curriculum is driven by experiential learning – meaning that learning happens beyond your books. Our experience is further supported by a dedicated alumni network of Hotelies who are eager to connect and support our students. Faculty are also a big part of our community, and they are deeply committed to our students in ways that ensure our graduates leave Cornell prepared to make an impact.


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Our Pioneering Faculty

It’s hard to say which will impress you more – our faculty’s unbelievable resumes, or their willingness to help you. Award-winning researchers, scholars, and practitioners, the Nolan School’s brain trust of industry giants and experts are also approachable, thoughtful, and interested in what you have to say. They’re a big part of our community, and passionately committed to your education and career success.

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The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration is distinctive and exemplary in the way it unites a hospitality and business education.

As a pioneer in hospitality for nearly 100 years, and as the only Ivy League program of its kind, the Nolan School continues to cultivate industry leaders and innovators that passionately push the boundaries of service and excellence.