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Cornell’s Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) is the premier graduate management program to launch or propel your career as a future leader in the hospitality industry. Whether your aspirations are corporate or boutique, startup or expansion, domestic or global, the MMH can add value, focus, and velocity toward reaching your goals.

The AACSB-accredited MMH uniquely prepares you for your future because your management courses are taught within the context of the hospitality industry. Your case studies, projects, and assignments will draw from, and directly apply to, hospitality. Moreover, you can choose to specialize in tracks that address contemporary challenges and opportunities in our industry, including revenue management and dynamic pricing, services marketing and e-commerce, and real estate. Students can focus on entrepreneurship to cultivate a future business venture, or you can customize your own unique career specialization, leveraging the resources of the program, to match your interests and planned career direction.

MMH students work closely with School of Hotel Administration faculty who are on the cutting edge of research and have deep roots in industry. The MMH network connects you quickly to business leaders who guest lecture, sponsor internships, fund projects, and recruit graduates. You will immediately expand your professional network through the MMH, which will add lifelong value throughout your career as a Cornell alumnus.

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Is the MMH for Me?

If you have a desire to become a leader in the hospitality industry, the MMH’s flexible, three-semester curriculum will accelerate your career path. Which best describes you and your interests?

Career Advancer

You might be someone with some prior hospitality experience—operations, maybe. You want to advance your career, maybe to a corporate role, and you recognize intrinsic value in the MMH rather than a general MBA because of the MMH program’s focus on hospitality and Cornell’s established network—alumni and otherwise—throughout the industry.


You are an aspiring—or seasoned(!)—entrepreneur, and are seeking an opportunity to incubate your idea in the context of your MMH studies. The MMH concentration in entrepreneurship gives you this flexibility and support to take several steps towards launching your idea—maybe even submitting it in a Hotel School business plan competition while you’re here.

Career Switcher

Since graduation, you’ve worked hard and gained valuable experience, but have slowly realized you’re “climbing the wrong ladder” to your own version of success. Perhaps your untapped dreams are in hotels and restaurants, e-commerce and dynamic pricing, or some other niche of hospitality and service. Leveraging past experience, the MMH can be your conduit to changing the direction of your long-term career toward hospitality.

Family-Owned Business

Your family owns a hospitality business, and you are positioned to one day take the reins and lead. Whether or not your undergraduate degree helped prepare you for this challenge, the focus and flexibility of the MMH can provide excellent leadership development within a hospitality context to meet future challenges and opportunities, taking your family business to the next level.

Career Starter

You have recently graduated from college—or soon will—and you are drawn to opportunities within hospitality and other service-related industries. Maybe you also have an entrepreneurial streak? The MMH can provide context, knowledge, skills, and a vast network to launch and sustain you throughout your future hospitality career.


You’re interested in teaching or conducting research related to hospitality and service-related fields. You may also be considering PhD study. Rather than the MMH, you should pursue the Master of Science (MS) in Hotel Administration at the Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration. While the MMH is career-focused, the MS is researched-based, preparing you for entry into academic and research positions at universities and in industry.


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