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At SHA, you get the best of both worlds, belonging to a tight-knit cohort of MMH faculty and classmates while enjoying the richness of Cornell’s resources, opportunities, and diverse community. As a world-renowned university, Cornell regularly attracts top-tier industry leaders to campus—many of whom come from the worlds of business or hospitality—to share their experiences with students.

SHA offers many exceptional opportunities outside of the required curriculum, encouraging its students to explore their many interests and passions and, ultimately, find the career path that is right for them.

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Vishal Singh, MMH '04

"My prior experience was exclusively in luxury hotels, and my goal was to open my horizons, learn from the very best hoteliers, and develop/manage my very own hotels. But the MMH program exposed me to a lot more that this industry has to offer." Read More

Vishal Singh, MMH '04
Rudraksh Singh, MMH '17

"We have students from many different career backgrounds—including non-hospitality backgrounds—from all ages, genders, countries, and religious beliefs or non-beliefs. Each of us brings in our own perspectives to add to the MMH experience." Read More

Rudraksh Singh, MMH '17

"The MMH is about personal development as much as professional development, and I would encourage any incoming MMHer to take full advantage of all of the experiences offered during the program." Read More

Emily Ambrose, MMH '16

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