Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH)
Degree Requirements

The Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) program’s degree requirements include core courses, industry-focused professional development experiences, an internship, and electives, which allow you to specialize in an area of expertise.

You’ll earn a hospitality management master’s degree in three semesters (fall, spring, fall) and complete a minimum of 48 credit in full-time residence at the Ithaca campus. Business and hospitality principles and industry opportunities are seamlessly integrated throughout the program.

MMH course sequence and requirements

Fall: First semester

During your first semester in the MMH program you will take 16.5 credits of required courses, which include core classes and experiential industry opportunities. You can take up to three additional elective credits for a maximum of 18 credits.

Spring: Second semester

During your second semester in the MMH program, you will take 10.5 credits of required courses and up to 7.5 elective credits for a maximum of 18 credits. Curriculum combines business principles and hospitality management courses.

Summer: Complete an internship

Between your second and third semesters you will complete an internship for a minimum of eight weeks and up to 12 weeks in duration. Internships must be in the hospitality or related industries. During your internship, you will gain practical experience and skills, explore career paths, deliver immediate value to your sponsoring organization, expand your network, and enhance your education by applying what you’re learning in class.

Upon completion, you will present a summary of your internship and reflections on the experience. The summer internship is a pivotal element of the program that allows you to further define, recommit, or change your career plans.

Learn more about internships and career outcomes here.

Fall: Final semester

In your final semester of the MMH program, most of your classes will be electives of your choice. You will also complete one remaining core course.