Each Hotelie plays a critical role in our prominent network of hospitality leaders who serve humanity, embrace diversity, and foster community.

The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration is leading the world in teaching the business of hospitality. Our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni embodies the core values of hospitality each and every day. We embrace diversity of all kinds and strive to create and support inclusivity for all. The capacity to partake in difficult dialogues and to push boundaries set Hotelies apart and enables them to make powerful, positive contributions to our school, industry, and society, on both an individual and collective basis.

Graphic that says Black Lives Matter A Message from Dean Kat Walsh

The Cornell Nolan School's commitment to antiracism

Dean Walsh outlines preliminary action items for the Nolan School, which include new training requirements and seminars; curriculum improvements; and a commitment to improve Black representation in industry-focused programming.

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The Nolan School’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, located in the Office of Student Services in Statler Hall, provides students with a comprehensive support system as part of a fully welcoming community. We provide an infrastructure of support to students throughout their academic and social experiences at the Hotel and Cornell. Our efforts are supported by the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business’s diversity and inclusion mission to create an engaged community.

At the Nolan School, we focus our diversity and inclusion programming within three pillars: inclusion, engagement, and community.

Our programming is holistically aimed at building a welcoming and warm environment of support and success for all our students: one that provides a visible, inspiring, and mentor-supported career path ahead. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni, are all important contributors to our community. All have access to, and participate in, our many offerings throughout the year. Although our community’s hub resides within the walls of Statler Hall, our connections and influence are far-reaching—our world-renowned alumni and faculty promote inclusivity, engagement, and community while driving diversity of thought in the global hospitality industry.

At the Nolan School, we are a learning community that embodies and symbolizes hospitality for all! We are so excited to welcome you to our Hotelie home.


Inclusion: Success begins with a safe and inclusive environment

Inclusiveness and excellence should go hand-in-hand. We encourage students to bring their full identity to their educational experience. Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Student Services, and Cornell University work closely to support the health and wellness of individuals and the community.

Regardless of your background, we will give you the tools you need to get where you want to go.

  • Entrepreneurs in Residence
  • Faculty and staff roundtable lunches
  • Affinity group roundtable discussion
  • Networking socials
  • The Nolan School Diversity Committee
  • Fall Diversity Lecture series
  • Industry roundtables


Engagement: To progress as a leader in thought, or industry, one must be invested

At the Nolan School, students from all over the world join a network of leading professionals who have influenced nearly every major hospitality, service, and real estate milestone. Through diversity and inclusion programming and collaborative relationships with our faculty and alumni, we provide rich opportunities for students to become culturally competent and effective leaders in their interpersonal relationships with the colleagues, family, and friends, in their careers and communities, and in preparation for leadership roles in the hospitality industry.

The best way to make an impact is to get involved. From curriculum offerings to special events and Nolan School clubs and organizations, there are countless ways that you can become engaged based on your level of comfort or workload.


Community: Regardless of where you are, you are a part of our network

Wherever you are in your academic journey, professional career, or in the world, you are a part of a powerful Hotelie network. Your strong ties to alumni, industry, and future hospitality leaders starts here. The Nolan School Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts a number of events each year that enable students to foster relationships. Students also have the ability to join a number of notable associations, foundations, and clubs.