Kenneth M. Blatt, is currently a Principal and Managing Partner of Dorado Beach Resort and CPG Real Estate. CPG had been an active investor in the Caribbean and Central America and now, other than Dorado Beach, is focused more on unique hospitality GP and residential development opportunities in the US.  Dorado Beach is an iconic 1900 integrated community in Puerto Rico where Mr. Blatt serves on its Board of Directors and oversees the executives that run all of Dorado Beach’s hotel, golf, membership and sales operations.

Kenny has over 30 years of experiences as an entrepreneur and angel investor in the US, Caribbean, Central America and Central and Eastern Europe.  From 1992-2000, he lived in Romania and Bulgaria and created the leading service businesses in advertising and outdoor and print media. Mr. Blatt is also a founding partner in Gemini Homes, a Southeast US residential real estate developer and investor, an advisor and investor in ID Funds, an alternative investment platform for accredited investors and was co-founder and director of HeyHolidays, an alternative accommodation online marketplace based in Bangalore, India. He is an active investor in both the hospitality and digital asset space.

Mr. Blatt is a graduate of the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, Emory Law School and Owner-Director Certificate Program at INSEAD.  He is an active Board member of Cornell’s PIHE, serves as a member of the Cornell University Council, former Chair of the Core Club House Committee in NYC and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Advancement Committee at Saint Andrews School in Boca Raton, Florida.