Hotel Ezra Cornell


Currently in its 91st year, Hotel Ezra Cornell is an annual, three-day conference for hospitality industry leaders run entirely by SHA students. More than 300 students spend an entire year working together to plan, promote, and operate the conference with guidance from event board members and help from a legion of volunteers.

This signature SHA event provides a peerless opportunity for you to apply what you've learned in class to a real-world, multifaceted engagement. Students plan the program, book the speakers, contract with entertainment providers, and oversee food and beverage service, in addition to staffing the event and training and managing the volunteers. From marketing to sales to IT, students work to ensure that all aspects of the conference run smoothly for participants and attendees.

Since HEC is an annual event, you can take on additional responsibilities each year: first by starting with the program as a volunteer, then serving as an event manager, and eventually going on to be a department director or even the managing director—who, by tradition, receives the key to the hotel at the start of the weekend. Every year since the event was introduced in 1925, students commit to running "the best ever" Hotel Ezra Cornell event—and every year they succeed.

Visit the HEC Conference page for information on this year's conference.