Tuition & Financing

Developing the next generation of academic leaders is important to Cornell University and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration. The Graduate School takes great pride in supporting a majority of its graduate students with competitive funding packages to ensure financing is not a barrier to academic success. About 97% of on-campus students in research PhD programs receive stipends to cover living expenses in return for the research and academic support they provide to their programs.

Apply for Aid

If you are interested in learning more about graduate financing opportunities, the Graduate School Fellowships and Financial Aid Office provides information about financial aid options for graduate students including loans, assistantships, fellowships, and grants.

Financial Aid Eligibility

MS students do not receive funding to cover tuition expenses, however federally subsidized loans may be available to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses.

PhD students are eligible to receive tuition fellowships and a taxable stipend. These awards are determined on a case-by-case basis. Fellowships typically cover tuition expenses and include stipends to provide students a comfortable standard of living while in residence in Ithaca. PhD students are expected to work approximately 15 hours each week conducting research or assisting with courses.

Costs to Attend

Cornell’s Graduate School provides detailed information about tuition expenses and costs of attendance. Tuition rates vary based on the school and field of study. When assessing program costs, please note the Cornell Nolan School is an endowed college and the MS and PhD are considered research degrees. Tuition must be paid prior to registration in the fall or spring semester. There is no tuition charge for noncredit summer research.