Class of 2022 Full-Time Job Offers and Acceptance

When you earn a hotel administration degree from the Cornell Nolan School of Hotel Administration, you’ve got bright career prospects. Your bachelor’s degree plus the Cornell prestige make you a premium candidate for some of the most exciting and successful organizations in the world.

Each year, we survey our newest graduates and report on their career outcomes. Of the 227 Cornell Nolan School undergraduate class of 2022, 180 were seeking full-time employment. Ninety-eight percent received full-time employment offers and 97 percent accepted offers within four months of graduation.

180 graduates were seeking full-time employment
98% received offers within four months of graduation
97% accepted offers within four months of graduation

Our Hotel Administration Graduates’ Salary Numbers

The Nolan School class of 2022 graduates received an average base salary of $83,115, a 17 percent increase over the average base salary of the class of 2021. US work authorized graduates earned slightly less than the average at $82,310 while non-US work authorized graduates earned slightly more at $90,541.



Class of 2022
Median Salary: $80,000
Salary Range: $40,000 - $130,000



compared to the class of 2021 average base salary



US Work Authorized
Median Salary: $80,000
Salary Range: $40,000-$130,000



Non-US Work Authorized
Median Salary: $90,000
Salary Range: $53,036-$120,000



Average Bonus

As outlined in the National Undergraduate Business Symposium First Destination Reporting Standards, we have combined signing and relocation bonuses into a combined bonus for data reporting purposes. The average combined bonus for 2022 graduates was $9,157. US work authorized graduates earned slightly less than the average at $9,085 while non-US work authorized graduates earned almost eight percent more than the average at $9,875.

 "Attending SHA expanded my purview, jump-started my career, and established my skill sets of communication, problem-solving, and people management that I’ve used throughout life since." - Christina Heggie ’10, Global Partnerships Lead, Travel, Google

What Is a Typical Hotel Administration Graduate Salary?

The average base salary changes depending on the industry chosen, the job function assigned, and where the job is located. We break out all the data below.


of 2022 graduates have hospitality responsibilities in their role

Hospitality in Your Role

Hospitality is represented across a variety of industries from real estate to finance to consulting. The Nolan School prepares undergraduates for leadership roles that require the application of business principles in a hospitality context, allowing our graduates to enter into a variety of industries with hospitality connections.

Average Base Salary and Distribution by Industry

Over half of the class of 2022 was evenly split between the top two industries: real estate and financial services. Of the two, financial services paid the most at $95,851. Technology was the second highest paid industry at $88,333. To see the multiple available sub-industries, we break out each industry with hospitality details in the second table below.

Base Salary
Base Salary
Salary RangePercent
Real Estate$85,655$80,000$65,000-$130,00032%
Financial Services$95,851$100,000$60,000-$110,00028%
Other*$66,531$58,240$41,600 - $110,0009%
Food and Beverage$63,833$65,000$40,000-$80,0006%

*Other includes: advertising/PR, architecture/design/construction, consumer packaged goods, education, manufacturing, media/entertainment, retail, and transportation and logistics services

Average Base Salary by Industry with Hospitality Detail

IndustryDetailed IndustryAverage Base SalaryMedian Base SalarySalary RangePercent Employed
Real EstateCommercial$88,545$85,000$65,000-$115,00016%
Hospitality, Technology, Other$74,280$75,000$65,000-$83,0004%
Casino, Event Management, Property, Other$61,215$62,000$49,504-$80,0006%
Food and BeverageRestaurant$65,250$68,250$40,000-$80,0004%
Sporting/Event Space, Other$61,000$60,000$55,000-$68,0002%
TechnologyHospitality Services$88,333$90,000$65,000-$110,0002%
Business Services, Software, and HardwareN/AN/AN/A1%

N/A: less than 3 data points available (necessary to maintain student anonymity)

53% of 2022 graduates have finance as their job function

Strong Salaries in Many Job Functions

The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration degree prepares you to excel in a wide variety of job functions, which is why you’ll find our graduates working in practically any organizational department. With strong classroom and practical training in all business disciplines, from finance, management, and accounting to sales and marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship, the Hotelie experience is the perfect launchpad for success on day one of your first job.

Average Base Salary by Job Function

The class of 2022 graduates found positions in a variety of positions, with over half the class accepting jobs in finance. Consulting positions made up the second-highest percentage of graduates at 16 percent, while the third-highest percentage was a tie between general management and marketing/sales. To see the multiple finance job functions, we break out the job function in the second table below.

Base Salary
Base Salary
Salary RangePercent
General Management$70,438$70,000$49,504-$106,0006%
Human Resources$60,000$60,000$50,000-$70,0002%

*Other includes: accounting, education, and information technology

Average Base Salary and Distribution by Job Function - Finance Only

Finance FunctionAverage
Base Salary
Base Salary
Salary RangePercent
Investment Banking$98,889$100,000$75,000 - $110,00013%
Asset Management$83,063$76,500$65,000 - $115,00012%
Private Equity$96,643$100,000$70,000 - $130,00010%
Financial Analysis$83,875$84,750$65,000 - $100,0006%
Real Estate Development$87,143$85,000$65,000 - $110,0005%
Lending/Relationship Management$95,000$100,000$85,000 - $100,0002%

*Other includes: corporate/managerial, private wealth management, risk management, and sales and training

98% of Nolan School graduates remain in the U.S. after graduation, with over half of the class remaining in the Norttheast.

Average Base Salary by US Region

For our graduates, the Nolan School of Hotel Administration name on your bachelor’s degree open doors to rewarding careers across the US and beyond. The table below details the average base salary by US region.

Average Base Salary by US Region

Base Salary
Base Salary
Salary RangePercent
Northeast$86,983$86,000$40,000 - $130,00062%
South$75,231$76,500$50,000 - $100,00011%
Mid-Atlantic$78,500$70,000$70,000 - $110,0008%
West$79,590$80,000$49,504 - $110,0008%
Southwest$83,286$80,000$60,000 - $115,0006%
Midwest$74,900$73,000$50,000 - $100,0004%

*Totals do not add up to 98% due to rounding

Top Employers

The prestigious organizations that hire our graduates are those shaping the industry and its future. Representing financial services and investment, real estate, hospitality and travel, consumer retail, technology, consulting, and many other sectors, these employers are among the most innovative and influential. The logos listed below represent the top companies that employed our most recent Nolan School graduates.

Bank of America logo
Blackstone logo
Citigroup logo
Deloitte logo
Ernst & Young logo
Goldman Sachs logo
hilton logo
Hodges Ward Elliott logo
HotelAVE logo
JP Morgan logo
marriott logo
McKinsey & Company logo
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust logo
Square Mile Capital Logo
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