Degree Requirements

The School of Hotel Administration’s Bachelor of Science degree comprises a minimum of 120 classroom credits and the experiential Practice Credit (800 hours of work in the field). Typically you’ll take four or five courses per semester—a courseload that provides plenty of opportunities for extracurricular involvement in clubs, sports, and other activities. Your credits will come from four areas:

  • SHA core
  • SHA electives
  • Non-SHA electives
  • Free electives
  • Practice Credit

Core Curriculum

From the start, you are immersed in your major, exploring all aspects of the hospitality industry. Your 21 core courses provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Operations
  • Finance and Accounting; Real Estate Development
  • Management Communication
  • Management and Organizational Behavior; Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Properties Development and Management
  • Marketing, Tourism, and Strategy
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Law

Electives, Concentrations, and Minors

Elective courses are drawn from SHA offerings as well as the more than 4,000 courses offered throughout Cornell University. These electives can be used in combination to earn any of more than 70 minors offered across many disciplines and departments at Cornell.

  • The SHA electives allow students to specialize in an area of interest that aligns with their career goals.
  • Non-SHA electives: You can choose from more than 4,000 courses offered by Cornell’s other six undergraduate schools and colleges. These courses can either supplement or complement your major.
  • Free electives: As the name implies, you are free to explore courses and areas of study that interest you. The flexibility of these electives provides you with the opportunity to pursue one of the 70 minors offered at Cornell, study abroad, or take courses that inspire you.

Practice Credit

The SHA degree requirements include 800 hours in the hospitality/service industry. Typically, this requirement is fulfilled in two summers; however, part-time employment is accepted. You will gain exposure to the hospitality industry and the people who work in it, and you will get practical experience in real working environments. This experience enhances the overall education you receive at the School of Hotel Administration.