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At SHA, you get the best of both worlds, belonging to a tight-knit class of fewer than 160 students within Cornell's entering class of 3,100. You can enjoy all of Cornell's resources and opportunities within a richly diverse community while forming close bonds with classmates who share your interests and faculty who know you by name.

SHA offers many exceptional opportunities outside of the required curriculum, encouraging its students to explore their many interests and passions.

As a Hotelie, you will have a unique student experience. The opportunity to focus on research, to study abroad, to obtain solid management experience, to earn dual degrees, and to gain exposure to all aspects of the hospitality industry gives our students access to the best education in the world—and a clear advantage when entering the hospitality industry.

Grant Behnke '17

Grant Behnke '17

"The juxtaposition of flexibility and specificity of the SHA degree is special and has yet to be duplicated anywhere else in the world."

Larry Robinson '18

Larry Robinson '18

"Each new student you connect with could become a close friend, business partner, or co-worker later in life."

Stephanie Peltz

Stephanie Peltz '17

"Utilize everything the SHA network has to offer. Hotelies love to help other Hotelies, and asking advice on courses and work can make a big difference."

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