Past HEC Programs

Every year, the students behind Hotel Ezra Cornell develop a cohesive theme for the conference and organize a set of educational programming that highlights the issues emerging from that theme. Each program features some of hospitality’s most respected leaders engaging in thought-provoking discussion and enlightening conversation about the state of the industry. See some of the past themes below:

Program Themes By Year

HEC 96


HEC 95

“Dare to Do: Impacting Society Through Hospitality”

HEC 94

“Finding Synergy”

HEC 93

“Sense of Place”

HEC 92

“face the future, preserve the past”

HEC 91

“the new normal. same game, new rules”

HEC 90

“…and the rest is history!”

HEC 89

“Food for Thought”

HEC 88

“The 88th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell”

HEC 87

“Life is Service Innovation”

HEC 86

“Global Hospitality: The Core of International Business”

HEC 85

“Managing Through and Thinking Forward: Opportunities for Innovation in the Down Economy”

HEC 84

“Illuminating the Possibilities: Learning from Las Vegas”

HEC 83

“A Weekend of Hospitality, Education, and Collaboration”

HEC 82

“Sustainability Through Innovation”

Previous Program Highlights