HEC 89

Food For Thought

HEC 89 Board

With HEC 89, it was time to start thinking about what we eat, how we prepare it, where it comes from, and what effect food has on our bodies.

Did you know…

  • Approx. 36% of American adults are considered obese, and experts project that number will rise to 42% by 2030?
  • Nearly 70% of the calories consumed come from highly processed foods?
  • Roughly one out of every five meals per person is eaten in a restaurant setting?

The 89th Annual Hotel Ezra Cornell advocated for change, and the program highlighted the importance of healthful eating by engaging speakers from a variety of different fields. Discussions covered the role of the hospitality industry industry in producing, sourcing, and preparing healthful food for customers, and investigated policy initiatives enacted by the United States government.

HEC 89 Board of Directors

  • Matt Bernard ’14
    Managing director
  • Alec Sherman ’14
    Finance and purchasing director
  • Ashleigh Evans ’14
    Food and beverage director
  • Chloe Arthur ’14
    Training director
  • Darby Verdoorn ’14
    Executive chef
  • Hannah Shin ’14
    Conference services director
  • Jonathan Loke ’14
    Beverage director
  • Kelsie Taylor ’14
    Program director
  • Krista Schweikle ’14
    Student experience director
  • Martha Geherin ’15
    Food and beverage service director
  • Mika Choi ’14
    Marketing director
  • Nikol Limaduran ’14
    Design Director
  • Sehaj Singh ’14
    Guest experience director
  • Stacy Delapenha ’14
    Sales director
  • Tess Williams ’15
    IT and communications director

The Program

Someone’s in the Kitchen: Tastes, Trends, Politics, and the Evolving Role of Chefs in America

Speaker: Mitchell Davis, executive vice president, James Beard Foundation

Trends in Healthy Food Services

Speaker: Joan Rector McGlockton, vice president for food policy and industry relations, National Restaurant Association

Fresh Food, Fast

Moderator: Alex M. Susskind, associate professor, Cornell University

Speakers: Brad Nelson, vice president, culinary and global corporate chef, Marriott International; Chuck Conine ’73, vice president of human resources, LYFE Kitchen; Daryl Ansel ’99, director of food services, UCLA

Federal Agencies in Action

Moderator: Reed S. Woodworth ’84, vice president, PKF Consulting

Speakers: Charles Milam, principal director for military community and family policy, Department of Defense; Jonathan Jarvis, director, National Park Service; Ursula E. Bauer, director, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Making the Business of Serving Healthful and Sustainable Food Good for Business

Speaker: Lawrence Williams, CEO, U.S. Healthful Food Council

Slim by Design

Speaker: Brian Wansink, professor/researcher, Cornell University

Purchasing from Small Scale Farmers on a Large Scale…

Speaker: Maisie Ganzler, vice president of strategy, Bon Appetit Management Company

The Panic for Organic

Speaker: Joe Dobrow, author of Natural Prophets

Small Changes on the Food Label Can Make Big Differences

Speaker: Diana Monaco, public affairs specialist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Repositioning Food and Beverage in Hotels

Moderator: Stephani Robson, senior lecturer, Cornell University

Speakers: Abby Murtagh, executive director of food and beverage, The New York Palace; Victor Tiffany, senior vice president of hospitality, Seminole Gaming; Beth Scott, vice president of restaurant concepts, Hilton Worldwide

The ABCs of Healthy Eating

Speaker: Dan Kluger, executive chef, ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina

What’s the Problem: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Healthy Eating in America

Speaker: Jennifer Cabe, executive director and board member, Canyon Ranch Institute