HEC 87

Life is Service Innovation

HEC 87 Board

With HEC 87 coinciding with the 90th anniversary of SHA, the board chose to bring the focus back to the roots of the school, as expressed in E. M. Statler’s famous quote: “Life is service. The one who progresses is the one who gives a little more, a little better service.”

During the conference, the food and beverage team completely overhauled their room service offerings (coincidentally, three months before a major NYC hotel did the same). Panels discussed how traditional notions of service and hospitality were being transformed, particularly by the then-emerging influence of social media.

HEC 87 Board of Directors

  • Alison Hoyt ’12
    Managing director
  • Chad Wemischner ’13
    Rooms director
  • Sam Eisenman ’13
    Guest services director
  • Michael Jurgielewicz ’13
    Procurement director
  • Celia Erickson ’12
    Food and beverage director
  • Danielle Foster ’12
    Communications director
  • Kate Adie ’13
    Procurement director
  • Katie DeVantier ’12
    Design director
  • Katie Satinsky ’13
    Human resources director
  • Kelly Armstrong ’13
    Food and beverage service director
  • Kevin Dame ’13
    Marketing director
  • Lindsey Brous ’12
    Program director
  • Rebecca Stewart ’13
    Business affairs director

The Program

Life is Service Innovation

Speaker: Ian Schrager, chairman and CEO, Ian Schrager Company

Disruptive Innovation in Hospitality and Travel

Speakers: Lee Pillsbury ’69, founder, co-chairman, CEO, Thayer Lodging Group; Art Norins, founder and chairman, Nor1; Chris Hemmeter ’86, managing partner, Quest Hospitality Ventures; Adam Goldstein, co-founder, Hipmunk; Janet Gerhard ’95, executive director, hospitality, newBrandAnalytics

Successes and Failures of Restaurant Innovation

Speaker: Chef Douglas Keane ’93, executive chef, owner, Cyrus Restaurant

Witness to the Wine Revolution

Speaker: Kevin Zraly, Windows on the World Wine School

Dean’s Address

Speaker: Dean Michael D. Johnson, School of Hotel Administration

Innovation in Hospitality Technology

Speakers: Kelly McGuire, MMH ’01, PhD ’07, executive director of hospitality and global practice, SAS; Joe Ziskin ’81, vice president of corporate strategy, IBM; Neil Schubert, vice president of information fesources, Marriott; Karen Bowman, principal, Deloitte Consulting

Mass Customization: Innovating the Customer Experience

Speakers: Carmen Aguilar, principal, Rockwell Group; Raul Leal, president and COO, Virgin Hotels; Serena Rakhlin ’04, vice president of strategic planning and hotel development, Trump Hotels; Nancy Deck, vice president of multi-brand and loyalty marketing, Hilton Hotels; Stephen Brandman ’85, co-owner, Thompson Hotels

Hospitality Research: Discovering our Future

Moderator: Professor Rohit Verma, School of Hotel Administration

Speakers: Michael Sturman, ILR ’93; Kathleen Walsh; Robert Kwortnik

Awaken Your Senses: The Science of Taste

Speaker: Chris Loss ’96, MS ’01, PhD ’05, Culinary Institute of America