HEC 85

Managing Through and Thinking Forward: Opportunities for Innovation in the Down Economy

HEC 85 Board

In the midst of the Great Recession, HEC 85 focused on how the hospitality industry discovered and capitalized on unique opportunities to innovate out of the economic downturn. During the weekend, panelists discussed stories of success, failure, and lessons learned as the hospitality industry managed up and out of the down economy.

The program provided guests with the industry’s best foresight into a better economic climate, showcasing tips for developing the best strategies and implementing the most innovative practices.

HEC 85 Board of Directors

  • Cathy Popp ’10
    Managing director
  • Alison Harrigan ’10
    Strategy director
  • Jessica Rubin ’10
    Communications director
  • Rachelle Borja ’10
    Outreach director
  • Willis Cheng ’11
  • Dan Silverman ’10
    Marketing director
  • Isabelle Calderon ’10
    Guest services director
  • Jonathon Spada ’10
    Design director
  • Jose Arrue ’10
    Rooms director
  • Katherine Kies ’11
    Executive chef
  • Kristen Fernandes ’10
    Student program director
  • Marisa Sweeney ’10
    Human resources director
  • Roberta Wong ’10
    Food and beverage service director
  • Ryan McNamara ’10
    Conference program director
  • Sara Fetbroth ’10
    Food and beverage director
  • Sherin Khona ’11
    Procurement director

The Program

What Customers Want

Speaker: Dean Michael Johnson, School of Hotel Administration

Standing Out in a Down Economy

Speaker: Drew Madsen, president and COO, Darden Restaurants

The Price is Right

Moderator: Professor Cathy A. Enz, School of Hotel Administration

Tea Tasting with John Harney

Speakers: John Harney ’56, Michael Harney ’77, Harney & Sons Fine Teas

Investing in a Tight Market

Moderator: Professor Jan A. deRoos, School of Hotel Administration

Speakers: Art Adler, CEO, Joes Lang LaSalle Americas; Roger Hill ’87, CEO, The Gettys Group; Steven Kent, managing director, Global Investment Research Group, Goldman Sachs; Art Buser ’89, CEO, Sunstone Hotel Investors; Simon Turner ’83, president of global development, Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Deductive Wine Tasting Lesson

Speaker: Greg Harrington ’92, owner, Gramercy Cellars