Course Numbering System

The first digit of the SHA course number is indicative, in most cases, of the level at which the course would normally be taken, i.e.:

1-First-Year Students/Introduction
2-Second-Year Students
3-Thrid-Year Students
4-Fourth-Year Students
5-Provisional Course Offerings
6-Graduate Electives
7-Courses required for the MMH degree

This, however, is not ironclad: upper-class students will be found in 1000- and 2000-level courses, and undergraduates may be enrolled in 6000-level offerings. The determining factor is the prerequisites/limitations statement for the course in question.

The second digit of the SHA course number designates the academic area within the school:


1-Management, Organizational Behavior, and Strategy

2-Finance, Accounting, and Real Estate Development
3-Food and Beverage Management
4-Marketing and Service Marketing
5-Facilities Management, Planning and Design
6-Management Communication
7-Information Systems
8-Law and Human Resources Management

The third and fourth digits of the SHA course number indicate a specific course within the area of instruction.