Non-HADM Electives

Broaden and strengthen the intellectual and analytical base of students’ thinking

Students must take a minimum of 18 credits outside the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration. The First-Year Writing Seminar (3 credits) is required for graduation and counts toward the non-HADM elective total.

Classes that are similar/duplicates in title or content of our Cornell Nolan School classes may not be counted toward non-HADM credits. Please refer to Double Dipping/Forbidden Overlaps for more information. If there is any question, it is important to check with an advisor in the Office of Student Services to determine to which category a course may be applied.

AP credits do not count toward distributive electives (exception is the First-Year Writing Seminar with a score of 5).

NOTE: LSC supplemental courses will appear on transcripts, but will not count toward graduation credit.