HADM Electives

12 credit hours required. These credits must be completed as a letter grade unless the course is only offered SX/UX. Students can complete this requirement by completing the Real Estate Minor or an optional specialization in Finance, Analytics, Foodservice Management, Beverage Management, and more. Students may declare an optional specialization by the end of their second year and prior to final semester.

Course lists per specialization are found here.

  • HADM 4150 and HADM 4960 will count toward free electives only
  • HADM 3030 and HADM 3040 must be taken concurrently to be counted toward HADM electives.
    HADM 3030 taken alone will count as a free elective only.
  •  Up to 3 credit hours of the following coursework may be used toward HADM electives, any credit over 3 will count as free elective only: HADM 4910, HADM 4970, HADM 4971, HADM 4980, HADM 4990, HADM 4930, HADM4940