PhD Students

As doctoral scholars within the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration, you are developing the skills necessary to create and disseminate new knowledge in the management sciences and the hospitality industry.

You will be working toward obtaining professorial positions in top business and hospitality schools or research and consulting positions with premier hospitality firms, while producing publishable research in your discipline’s top journals.

The PhD degree requirements leave room for tremendous freedom and flexibility. While all students must abide by the Graduate School’s rules and requirements, you, along with your special committee, will decide the nature and course of your degree program, including all coursework and research.

The special committee is made up of three members of the graduate faculty, which you will need to select no later than the end of your third semester:  one faculty member to represent your major subject and two minor members, each representing one of your minor subjects. Once you have determined your academic focus, you will ask specific faculty members to join your committee and, with their agreement, fill out the Special Committee Selection and Change (A1) form for the Graduate School. These faculty members will guide you through the degree program, and assist you with industry connections and advice.

Resources for PhD Students