Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board was created to give undergraduate students an effective way to communicate with the school's senior administrators. We strive to actively and accurately represent all voices of the school, including students, staff, and faculty.

Mission Statement

The SHA Student Advisory Board works closely with Dean Johnson and his leadership team to represent the undergraduate students, gather student feedback, and recommend courses of action to improve the student experience.

Top Objectives

  1. Create a satisfying education experience for SHA undergraduate students.
  2. Ensure all student interests are well represented through active communication among the student body, board members, and school leadership.
  3. Identify, take action, and follow up on all student concerns.

We encourage you to express your ideas and concerns, and provide input, suggestions, and feedback for us to share with the administration. You can contact us directly by email.


Advisory Board Members

Soh-Hyun (Lotte) Ahn Class of 2018Soh-Hyun (Lotte) Ahn

Class of 2018

Name: Soh-Hyun (Lotte) Ahn

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2018

Minor/concentration: undecided

Appointed to SAB: December 2014

Professional interests/experiences: Prior to Cornell, Lotte developed her interest in the hotel industry by interning at the Inn at Darden of the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, working in all aspects of the inn from finance to events and more. From her experience at the inn and SHA classes, Lotte hopes to pursue concentrations in design and finance.


- Hotel Ezra Cornell, Design Team - Project Manager of Saturday Breakfast

- Hospitality Students International, Events Committee

- Korean American Students Association

- Colleges Against Cancer, Publicity Committee

SAB engagement: As a member of the SAB, Lotte works to relate concerns of the student body and those in her class, especially those of international students. She strives to improve student life by working closely with the administration, and to enhance the strong community bond within SHA.

AlAlyannah Kassam

Class of 2017



Name: Alyannah Kassam

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2017

Minor/Concentration: Real Estate Minor

Transfer from: College of Arts and Sciences (Fall 2014)

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: Fall 2014

Professional interests/experiences: Alyannah's interests reside in technology and finance.  Because of these passions, she wants to explore a career in finance and real estate. In the past, she worked as a business development intern for Kinnek in New York City last summer and has completed internships with Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Upon graduation, she hopes to hone in on these skills with a career in Investment Banking.

Activities/Interests: Alyannah is an active member of the Class of 2017 Council, where she enforces the policies of programming events at Cornell. She also participates in Hotel Ezra Cornell, serving as a member of the IT Team. Additionally, she works at Statler Hotel in the Banquets Department and is a Resident Advisor in the Holland International Living Center. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, playing sports, and photography.

SAB Engagement: In SAB, she wishes to ease the transition for the transfer students in the School of Hotel Administration, as well as provide more opportunities for international students. In addition to this, she looks forward to being an active member in SHA by helping to facilitate communication between the students and administration.

Sarah Murdoch

Sarah Murdoch

Class of 2016

Name: Sarah Murdoch

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2016

Minor/concentration: real estate minor

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2012

Professional interests/experiences: Sarah works in the front office of the Statler Hotel and is in the Hotel Leadership Development Program. She previously worked as a sales & marketing intern at High Hotels Ltd.

Activities/Interests: Hotel Ezra Cornell, SHA Ambassadors, Real Estate Club, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

SAB Engagement:  As a member of the SAB, Sarah works to create a link between SHA student body and administration. She is passionate about improving student life by tackling issues relating to curriculum, facilities, and extracurricular activities.

ArmaanArmaan Singh Nirh

Class of 2017

Name: Armaan Singh Nirh

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2017

Minor/Concentration: real estate minor/finance, accounting and real estate concentration

Transfer from: Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland (fall 2014)

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: Fall 2014

Professional interests/experiences: Armaan's interest lies in the strategy involved in growing businesses. He is inspired to get into consulting and asset management. He worked as a revenue management intern for Starwood Hotels and Resorts at their South Asia Regional Corporate Office and has completed a couple of internships with India's Taj Group of Hotels, Resorts and Palaces.

Activities/interests: Armaan is an active member of the Cornell Hospitality Consulting Club (CHC) and the Cornell Real Estate Club. He is also a teaching assistant for Financial Accounting (HADM 1210).

SAB engagement: Armaan wishes to address some of the issues other transfers may face as they make transitions from their previous institutions into SHA. He also aims to bring a few hotel operational elements into the teachings here at SHA. Prior to college, Armaan was the head boy in his high school.

SebSebastian Ogando

Class of 2017

Name: Sebastian Ogando

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2017

Minor/Concentration: real estate minor/finance, accounting, and real estate concentration

Transfer from: Barry University - fall 2014

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: Fall 2014

Professional interests/experiences: Sebastian has interned at: Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa , Grupo Restalia, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Activities/Interests: Sebastian is a member of the Cornell Real Estate Club, Cornell Tradition Fellowship, SHA Ambassadors, International Students Admissions Ambassadors, and Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. He is also a resident advisor in Collegetown.

SAB Engagement: Sebastian wants to help students find academic and professional experiences in any of the many fields of the hospitality industry. He wants to help build a collaborative and inclusive environment for everyone in SHA community.

Kayti Stanley '18

Kayti Stanley

Class of 2018

Name: Kayti Stanley

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2018

Minor/Concentration: information science minor/real estate concentration

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2014

Professional interests/experiences: Kayti is looking forward to a career in the ever-exciting and innovative hospitality industry. Before attending Cornell University, Kayti interned with the Aramark Corporation. This summer, she hopes to return home to Houston, Texas to work in a hotel and gain invaluable experience at the ground level of operations.

Activities/interests: Within SHA, Kayti is a part of Hotelies Serving Society as well as the design team for Hotel Ezra Cornell. She is also a member of Guiding Eyes for the Blind and CRU.

SAB engagement: Kayti believes an integral part of the success of any academic organization is effective communication between administration and student. Her main goals as a member of the SAB are to ensure a comfortable relationship between the two, and to promote an active student body.

Kristina Tagliente '17

Kristina Tagliente

Class of 2017


Name: Kristina Tagliente

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2017

Minor/concentration: undecided

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: November 2013

Professional interests/experiences: Kristina's major hospitality experience lies in the food and beverage industry. During high school, she operated her own granola bar business called KBar Pro where she formulated the recipe and baked, packaged, and distributed bars to customers all over Massachusetts. Additionally, Kristina interned at Brasserie Jo with the event manager. She learned an abundance about scheduling, menu planning, and basic operations of a restaurant. These experiences made Kristina realize that the hospitality industry is a perfect fit for her.

Activities/interests: In her free time, Kristina enjoys cooking, running, and spending time with family and friends. She is also a member of the Delta Gamma sorority.

SAB engagement: Kristina is interested in the tidal changes that are taking place in the industry and wants to work with the dean and the student body to ensure that the curriculum incorporates these changes. She views her seat on the SAB as an opportunity to work closely with members of the faculty in observing and dissecting these developments in the field firsthand.

Venus Tse

Venus Tse

Class of 2017


Name: Venus Tse

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2017

Minor/concentration: Hotel Administration

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: November 2013

Professional interests/experiences:

Venus has completed internships at Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design Group, Shanghai, China (summer 2013), and the Peninsula Shanghai, China (summer 2012); attended the Hotel Operations Management course at Cornell University (summer 2012); and worked part-time at URBN Hotel, Shanghai, China, 2011-2012.


- Vice president of Internal Affairs Committee, Hospitality Students International

- New student representative of Hong Kong Student Association

- International student admissions ambassador

- Selected member of 85 Broads (women's business society)

- Member of Hotelies Serving Society

SAB engagement: As a member of the international community, Venus fully understands the struggles that international students at SHA might face when experiencing a new and different education system and living environment. Her focus is to help fulfill the needs of international students at SHA by serving on the SAB.


Shilu (Jess) Wu

Class of 2017

Name: Jess Shilu Wu

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2017


Transfer from:

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: December 2014

Professional interests/experiences: Jess loves to do things that she is passionate about and devotes 100% to what she is doing. Interested in luxury hotel management, she interned with Intercontinental Shenzhen, Ritz Carlton Shenzhen, and Four Seasons Hong Kong in the past three years. In summer 2015, Jess is going to intern at the Upper House, a luxury boutique hotel located in central Hong Kong. Besides her passion for hospitality, Jess is also constantly amazed by the art of food and cooking. She is an amateur baker and has started her own pastry business called Velvet ( As a sophomore student, she is keeping an eye on options and exploring more about the hospitality and related industries.


  • Vice president of Mountains for Moms (climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in January 2014)
  • Event chair of Mainland Chinese Student Association
  • Marketing chair of Cornell Gourmet Club
  • Founder of Velvet Cakes
  • Member of Cornell Undergraduate Asia Business Society (CUABS)

SAB engagement: Jess joined the SAB because she wanted to help improve the "bridge" between students and the administration to make SHA not only an outstanding school, but also a second home for students away from home. She would like to bring more fresh ideas from outside SHA.

Andreas Valhouli-Farb



Class of 2016

Name: Andreas Valhouli-Farb

Candidate for Bachelor of Science: May 2016

Minor/concentration: Marketing

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: Fall 2013

Professional interests/experiences: Andreas's professional interests lie in sports marketing. He has worked at two restaurants attached to Fenway Park, as a waiter at Game On! and an intern at Landsdowne Pub.

Activities/interests: At Cornell, Andreas has played on the Club Baseball team. He also works in the Marriott Student Learning Center and is a brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

SAB engagement: Andreas wants to be sure that all students are represented fairly at the school. His focus is on improving academic life for athletes at SHA as well as looking to see how curriculum can best fit our students.

Emeritus SAB Members

Class of 2015

Alec Budow

Alec Budow '15

Name: Alec Budow

Bachelor of Science: May 2015

Minor/concentration: real estate

Concentration: finance, accounting, and real estate

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2011

Lucas Busch

Lucas Busch '15

Name: Lucas Busch

Bachelor of Science: January 2015

Minor: real estate

Concentration: corporate finance, financial consulting, investment banking

Transferred From: Les Roches-­Gruyère University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (fall 2012)

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: August 2013

Quinn Cox

Quinn Cox '15

Name: Quinn Cox

Bachelor of Science: May 2015

Transferred from: Bucks County Community College (August 2012)

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: October 2012

Francesca Filippini

Francesca Filippini '15

Name: Francesca Filippini

Bachelor of Science: May 2015

Minor: Italian

Transferred from: Boston University (fall 2012)

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2012

Isabella Mongalo

Isabella Mongalo '15

Name: Isabella Virginia Mongalo

Bachelor of Science: May 2015

Concentration: Services Marketing and Operations Management

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2011

Class of 2014

Stephen Breedon

Stephen Breedon '14

Name: Stephen Breedon

Bachelor of Science: May 2014

Minor/concentration: real estate minor; concentration in finance, accounting, and real estate (FARE)

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2011

Ashlee Dimond

Ashley Dimond '14

Name: Ashley Dimond

Bachelor of Science: May 2014

Minor/concentration: minor in real estate

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2011

Kealy Hartman

Kealy Hartman '14

Name: Kealy Hartman

Bachelor of Science: May 2014

Minor/concentration: N/A

Appointed to the Student Advisory Board: fall 2011