Clubs and Organizations

The Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration is home to approximately 12 clubs and organizations that are a part of the Cornell Hotel Society, Collegiate Chapter (CHS, CC), the school’s club umbrella organization. CHS works with clubs to help students discover their career paths, develop their leadership skills, and form a wide network of contacts who can help them after they graduate.

Fall 2016 Hotel School Club Fair
Fall 2016 Hotel School Club Fair

Cornell Nolan School clubs offer students the opportunity to further develop their interests and passions in a variety of hospitality-related areas, including sales and marketing, food and beverage, real estate, entrepreneurship, and much more. Clubs are active throughout the academic year with a wide range of events, including bringing in industry leaders (often alumni of the school) who share their expertise, hosting charity events, and touring facilities to learn more about a particular aspect of the industry.

Students may join more than one club as a member and may also run for an elected officer position. At the beginning of each fall semester, learn more by attending the Club Fair. You may also learn more about Nolan School clubs and organizations on CampusGroups, a web-hosted platform that creates an online community for Nolan School clubs, and for clubs and organizations at Cornell as a whole.

More information on the below clubs can be found on Cornell University’s CampusGroups site:

Club Descriptions

Air and Sea Hospitality

Air and Sea Hospitality explores the aviation and cruise industries. The club involves more than just purchasing a plane/cruise fare, boarding, and arriving at your destination. Every aspect of that simple process comes with variables that dictate everything ranging from the price you pay to the quality of service you receive onboard!

American Hotel and Lodging Association, Student Chapter

2016 Winner of Student Chapter of the Year
2016 Winner of Student Chapter of the Year

The American Hotel and Lodging Association is an advocate of the American lodging industry for Nolan School students through education, information, and member services, and aims to build meaningful and professional connections between AH&LA and Cornell University.

Cornell Hotel Society, Collegiate Chapter (CHS, CC)

The CHS, CC is the student assembly and the umbrella organization over all the student organizations at the Nolan School. The CHS, CC seeks to build, to strengthen, and to promote the connection between students and alumni by creating networking opportunities for students and encouraging their involvement in Nolan School clubs and organizations. Membership in the Collegiate Chapter exceeds 900 students; all students of the School, graduate and undergraduate, attain membership upon matriculation.

Cornell Real Estate Club

The Club for Real Estate is a group of students sharing their passion for all aspects of hospitality real estate finance, banking, and development. The group works to foster an understanding of the industry and the trends in the marketplace, providing opportunities for networking with hospitality professionals.

Cornell University National Restaurant Association, (formerly Epicurean Society)

The National Restaurant Association supplements the current gastronomical knowledge of our members in order to build their appreciation and knowledge of the culinary world. The Epicurean Society will unite students, alumni, and industry leaders with a strong interest in food and beverage in an effort to promote industry networking.

Female Leadership in Hospitality

The Female Leadership in Hospitality Club educates and encourages future female leaders in the hospitality industry. Members gain insights and learn from the challenges faced by female industry leaders through research, guest speakers, and networking. We aim to learn about and break stereotypes while creating strong bonds.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI)

HSMAI operates as part of a greater international organization, boasting members from numerous universities and companies around the globe. HSMAI promotes sales and marketing and fosters a networked environment where interested Nolan School students can stay current on trends, connect to the larger industry, and ultimately find employment in sales and marketing through speaking with industry professionals and going on research field trips.

Hotelie Entrepreneurs (HE)

The mission of Hotelie Entrepreneurs (HE) is to spark the entrepreneurial spirit among Nolan School students. HE strives to give students the tools to make big and intangible business ideas a tangible reality. This organization is an outlet for experimenting with and expressing your ideas. HE achieves their mission through bringing industry-leading entrepreneurs and visionaries to discuss their experiences, as well as through workshops that will provide practical experience for developing business acumen.

Hotelies Serving Society

HS2 encourages Nolan School students to develop a lifelong spirit of service, a thorough understanding of social issues, and a prevailing sensitivity towards other people. The organization, formerly known as Hotelies Volunteering Today, is committed to helping students find opportunities to volunteer in their communities and apply what they have learned about service in the classroom to bettering those communities.

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH)

NSMH is a national non-profit organization that seeks to promote hospitality education, to foster professional advancement for minorities, and to create awareness of minority diversity in the hospitality industry. The Cornell chapter serves as a mechanism to meet the needs of minority students of African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American descent in the School.

The 180

The 180 is an annual student-run publication that covers the happenings of the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration. We aim to provide tangible memories through photos and recollection of moments from all members of the Nolan School community. We publish a magazine with student quotes and photos once every academic year.

The Grid

The Grid’s purpose is to provide a creative outlet for design-hungry students at Cornell University. We are the intersection between hospitality and design, collaborating together to learn, practice, and build electronically and physically. We host a variety of activities from general body meetings, online program workshops, speaker presentations, and company visits.