Practice Credit

All School of Hotel Administration students are required to work 800 hours, paid or unpaid, in the hospitality industry. The objective of this Practice Credit requirement is to ensure that your education has the essential balance between theory and practical experience. Typically, this requirement is fulfilled in two summers, but part-time employment is accepted.

Students can also take advantage of the school’s own Statler Hotel for part-time, paid work. Positions in accounting, banquet services, food and beverage service, front-desk operations, guest services, housekeeping, and Taverna Banfi are available during the school year and during summer and intersession breaks. Students may only earn up to one unit of Practice Credit for experience at the Statler Hotel.

The Practice Credit Requirements and Guidelines provide information regarding:

  • Earning practice credit as a transfer student
  • Industry segments that will be considered for practice credits
  • International students working in the U.S.
  • Processing employment verification Forms
  • Requirements for graduation

Following each work experience, students must submit a Practice Credit Employer Verification Form which is completed by both the student and the employer. There are two ways to submit the form:

  • Electronic Form: Students will be directed to complete the Student Section of the electronic Practice Credit Employer Verification Form. An accurate and active email address of the student’s supervisor will be needed to submit the form. Once submitted, the student will receive a confirmation email and the employer will receive the Employer Section of the form. The employer will then submit the form to the Office of Student Services, which will update the student on the submission and progress of the Practice Credit Form.
  • Paper Form: Students may use the paper Practice Credit Employer Verification Form if an email address of the supervisor is unknown. Students will need to submit this form to the Office of Student Services once completed by the student and the employer.