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David Sherwyn

David Sherwyn

Academic Director of CIHLER; John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources 607.255.1711

March 2020

As spring approaches here in Ithaca, CIHLER is in full swing with full schedule of roundtables and conferences.  In February, we hosted our 8th Annual Traditional Labor Law Roundtable at the Boca Beach Club where representatives from the industries’ most important employers discussed the present state of labor law (the Trump NLRB is in full wing with nee rulings and indicatives).  In April, we are hosting our 14th Annual HR in Hospitality Conference at the Loew’s Miami Beach Hotel (and second time we are fully in charge). With Jonathon Tisch delivering the keynote, Alan Momeyer accepting our Lifetime Achievement Award, and CIHLER board members Jake Basham, Nigel Beck, Gretta Brooks, Anthony Campanelli, Michael D’Angelo, Gregg Gilman ’85(ILR), Michael Gray, Keith Grossman, Barry Hartstein ’73 (ILR), Harry Johnson III, Dana Kravetz, Andrada Paraschiv, Carolyn Richmond ’91 (ILR), Steve Rimmer, David Ritter ’80 (ILR), Ruth Seroussi ’92 (ILR), Christian White, Douglas H. Wigdor, and Celeste Yeager speaking, and an agenda featuring even more roundtables and workshops, we are preparing for our most interactive and attendee learning conference ever.  We hope you will attend.

After the conference, we are in full roundtable mode with events in Chicago, NYC, and LA all scheduled and there could be more.  Finally, we are working closely with our ILR colleagues to develop and hopefully have implemented a dispute resolution program that will make employee litigation more accessible and just.  Our members are working with us to create a system that could change the landscape of employment law.  We will keep you posted as we try to make this change a reality.

If you are interested in any of our activities, please contact Erica Heim or me.

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