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David Sherwyn

David Sherwyn

Academic Director of CIHLER; John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources 607.255.1711

January 2020

As we begin the new semester, it’s time to look back at the fall and look forward to the spring. This fall, we hosted five roundtables. Our September Ithaca roundtable, once again, featured concurrent labor and management sessions in the morning and a combined session in the afternoon. I also had the pleasure of moderating a panel with CIHLER members Michael D’Angelo, Hyatt; Jessica Kastin ’98 (ILR), Jones Day; and Paul Wagner, Stokes Wagner, on labor law at Georgetown Law’s 2019 Hotel and Lodging Legal Summit.

The mission of CIHLER—to improve and modernize employment relations in hospitality—can only occur if all sides are represented. Now that CIHLER is a center (formerly an institute) and has taken on a full partnership with Cornell’s ILR School, we are able to draw on expertise from the management and employee side. Thank you, associate director Rick Hurd and Scheinman Institute director Harry Katz who, along with Marty Scheinman, have created partnerships with CIHLER allowing us to leverage our resources and contacts to bring about real change. To that end, in November, CIHLER members on the employee and employer side met in New York City to begin the process of addressing the controversy over alternative dispute resolution. CIHLER is working with numerous stakeholders to create a protocol and process that is accessible and just. Stay tuned as we continue to work on this important topic.

We look forward to a busy spring with roundtables in Boca Raton, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Of course, our major event for the spring of 2020 is the 14th annual HR in Hospitality Conference at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. We are thrilled to have another amazing lineup of industry and academic experts to address the most important issues affecting our industry and field. If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please contact Erica Heim or me.

As we begin the new semester and year, I need to take the time to thank two people: Erica Heim and John Ceriale. Without Erica, CIHLER’s day-to-day operations would cease to exist. Thank you, Erica. And without John, CIHLER would never have started, could never have been financially viable, and most importantly, would never be lucky enough to have leaders from the employer and union sides of the aisle because, frankly, John’s energy and intellectual curiosity is infectious and draws people to our center. Thank you, John! I look forward to seeing everyone in Miami.

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