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David Sherwyn

David Sherwyn

Academic Director of CIHLER; John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources 607.255.1711

June 2020

As the strangest semester of my 26 years as a faculty member winds down, and the strangest time of our lives continues, we wanted to provide you an update on where CIHLER is and where we are going.  As you are aware, we sadly had to cancel our signature event, HR in Hospitality.   We also had to put our extensive Roundtable schedule on hold. We are however, optimists, and believe that we will be able to hold the 15th Annual HR in Hospitality in April 2021 at the Del Coronado in San Diego, CA, followed by the 16th Annual HR in Hospitality at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Florida in April 2022.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at upcoming virtual events. These include the Georgetown Hospitality Law Summit, ALIS Law, Roundtables, and webinars. In collaborations with eCornell and CIHLER members we have produced four webinars on the labor and employment issues associated with the pandemic, and we have several more planned. We are also working on a number of research projects, some related to Covid-19 and some not, and we continue to alert our newsletter and website readers to the impressive and consistent supply of information (be it written or webinar) from our members

As time moves on, there will be new issues regarding “reopening” in guest demands, employee protections, union organizing/negotiations, and government regulation.  CIHLER will continue to be a resource on these using the channels of communication available at the time. For now, stay safe and please reach out to us if we can provide any information or refer you to one of our members who can provide advice and best practices as our world moves at an extraordinary speed.

If you are interested in any of our activities, please contact Erica Heim or me.

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