Curriculum Requirements

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Core Courses (number of credits in parentheses)

Accounting; Finance; Real Estate Development: (12 Credits)

Employment Relations; HR; Law: (9 Credits)

Food and Beverage Management: (7 Credits)

Information Systems: (3 Credits)

Management Communication: (6 Credits)

Operations: (12 Credits)

Properties Development and Management: (6 Credits)

Services Marketing: (6 Credits)

Strategy: (3 Credits)

Total Core 64
SHA Electives 14
Non-HADM Electives 15**
First-Year Writing Seminar (FWS) 3**
Free Electives 24***
Total Program 120

Note: Physical education does not count toward your total credit hours earned for graduation.

Note: All core courses must be taken for a letter grade. SHA electives also must be taken for a letter grade unless only offered on an S-U basis (such as HADM 4300).

See: Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory Grades

* A minimum of 14 credits, 3000-level or higher, in SHA.
** A minimum of 18 credits, to be taken outside SHA. 3 of these 18 credits must be FWS.
*** A minimum of 24 credits, to be taken either in or outside SHA.