Transfer Credit Policy and Process


  • Transfer students are required to complete all degree requirements with at least sixty (60) credits from Cornell University. Thus, a maximum of sixty (60) hours in transfer credit, for courses passed with a grade of “C” or above, may be allowed from other accredited colleges or universities.
    • Transfer credit is not awarded toward SHA Electives (except CIA).
    • Up to eighteen (18) credits may transfer toward SHA core required courses.
    • Up to fifteen (15) credits may transfer toward Non-HADM Electives.
    • Up to three (3) credits may transfer toward the University first-year writing requirement.
    • Up to twenty-four (24) credits may transfer toward Free Electives.
  • Cornell University does not accept credit for courses sponsored by colleges but physically taught in a high school to high school students, even if the college provides a transcript of such work.
  • Students who are currently accepted and enrolled may transfer in credit, but only from accredited colleges or universities. Preapproval is required.
  • AP Credit is accepted as free elective credit only (except HADM 1410 and the First-Year Writing Seminar).


  • For students requesting transfer credit toward 1000- and 2000-level SHA core:
    • Students must provide a detailed prior course syllabi (electronic or paper) to the SHA Registrar.
    • Syllabi will be reviewed by faculty to determine whether transfer credit will be awarded toward core.
    • Registrar will notify student of decision via email and make appropriate updates to records and student schedule.
  • Credit 3000- and 4000-level SHA courses are not generally accepted.
  • After matriculation, any student requesting to take an alternative first-year writing course must contact the Knight Institute for review.