Hotel Leadership Development Program (HLDP)

The Hotel Leadership Development Program (HLDP) offers students professional growth through experiential learning within the framework of an academic environment.  Students will gain valuable management experience at the Statler Hotel while concurrently attending school.  Exposure to hotel operations offers meaningful learning opportunities, challenging a student’s ability to apply critical thinking and management theory to personal experience.  Interaction with hospitality leaders enable students to establish professional relationships that facilitate and help define their professional path prior to graduation.

HLDP participants progress through several different paid employment phases, from entry level positions to student director.  Each phase requires a specified minimum hours of paid employment at the Statler Hotel and is completed through a certification process.  To prepare for each certification, participants are trained on the basic skills of each position.  After the participant masters the position, a certification evaluation is conducted.

The students are required to complete the HADM 2170 Hotel Leadership Development Program and HADM 4170 Hospitality Leadership classes in order to prepare them for their roles as supervisors and leaders.   Students will also participate in the HLDP Seminar Series, a non-credit program which provides additional training on management topics.  Cross Divisional work experiences are also required for students to ensure a broad exposure to hotel operations.  Students who progress to the level of Statler Fellow will have reached the pinnacle of the program and are ready to become an effective hospitality manager.

For more information on HLDP including eligibility requirements and the application process, contact the Statler Payroll and Student Employment Office or stop by the office located in G23 Statler Hall.