Language Requirement

All students are required upon admission to meet the qualification requirement of one language other than English. Any one of the following meets the requirement:

  1. Successful completion of level 3 in one foreign language.
  2. A score of 560 on the Cornell Placement Test (CPT).*
  3. Passing language 1210 and 1220, or the equivalent, and attaining a minimum grade of at least C- or Satisfactory in each (C or above for transfer credit from other institutions).
  4. Passing language 1230, or the equivalent.

To be exempted from the language requirement if your native language is other than English, you must still be evaluated by the appropriate language department. (See note below.)

* Placement exams are offered at the beginning of each semester, and students may receive up to 6 credits in Free Electives, depending upon the results of these exams.

Note: Students whose speaking, reading, and writing competence in a language other than English is at the same level we would expect our entering first-year students to have in English (as shown by completing high school in that language or by special examination during their first year at Cornell) are exempt from the school’s language requirement.