Grade Computation

The official university grading system uses letter grades with pluses and minuses. Passing grades range from A+ to D-; F is failing. INC denotes incomplete, and R is the grade given at the end of the first semester of a year-long course. A grade of W (withdrawn) is automatically assigned when a student is given permission to drop a class after the drop deadline. The grades of INC, R, S, SX, U, UX, and W do not have quality point equivalents attached.

To compute a term average, add the products of hours x the associated quality points and divide by the number of credit hours taken (in the example below, 51.2÷16=3.2).

Cumulative average (averages taken for two or more terms) equals the sum of the products of all terms at Cornell divided by the total number of credits taken. A grade of F carries no quality points but the credits are added to the total credit hours, thereby lowering the average. Incomplete, S-U, and withdrawn grades are not calculated in the grade-point average.

Quality Point Equivalents:

A+ = 4.3 C+ = 2.3
A   = 4.0 C   = 2.0
A-  = 3.7 C-  = 1.7
B+ =3.3 D+ = 1.3
B   = 3.0 D   = 1.0
B-  = 2.7 D-  = 0.7
  F  = 0.0

Example: Calculating a GPA

Course Grade





HADM 2360 C+ 2.3 4 9.2
HADM 1150 A 4.0 3 12.0
HADM 1740 A- 3.7 3 11.1
HADM 1210 B 3.0 3 9.0
GOVT 1110 B+ 3.3 3 9.9
Total     16 51.2
51.2/16 = 3.2 GPA