Latin Honors

Program Details:

  • Applicants’ GPA must be in the top 10% (or must have a GPA > 3.5, whichever is the more selective criteria) as measured by cumulative GPA up to and including the semester prior to matriculation in the Program. (The end of the junior year.)
  • Applicants must submit the Latin Honors Course Enrollment Form signed by both student and thesis advisor to the Office of Student Services by end of class period the semester prior to matriculation in the program.
  • Must be enrolled in the Latin Honors Courses (HADM 4970 amd 4971) for the duration of thesis project for a total of 6 credits.
  • Thesis must be completed in the last two consecutive semesters before graduation.


  • Thesis Advisor: Latin honors thesis advisor can be any doctoral degree holding SHA Sr. Lecturer, Lecturer, Professorial or Clinical Professor Faculty.

Evaluation Procedures:

  • Review of thesis is as follows:
  • First Reviewer: Thesis Advisor
  • Second Reviewer: Latin Honors Thesis Program Coordinator or a designated SHA faculty member. The designated faculty member must meet the criteria for serving as the thesis advisor. The second reader may be assigned at the beginning of the process if requested by the thesis advisor.
  • Each reviewer will provide independent grade or both will agree to a common grade. The student will only be informed of the final grade after thesis is completed.
  • In case of mismatch in grade assigned by two reviewers, an independent 3rd reviewer will be assigned by Dean’s Office (or ADAA/ADFD).
  • Honor level (Summa, Magna, Cum Laude) calculated by SHA Registrar’s office based on both thesis grade and GPA as per existing policy.

Evaluation Standards:


GPA Performance

(based on penultimate semester)

Thesis Performance

Summa Cum Laude

Top 1%

PASS (grade of “A” or better in each 4970 and 4971)

Magna Cum Laude

Top 5%

PASS (grade of “A-” or better in each 4970 and 4971)

Cum Laude

Top 10%

PASS (grade of “B+” or better in each 4970 and 4971)