Advanced Placement Credit

The primary purpose of Advanced Placement (AP) credit is to exempt students from introductory courses and to place them in advanced courses. In the case of SHA students, credit may be awarded only in Free Electives, with two exceptions: microeconomics (score 4/5) and the First Year Writing Seminar (score 5). If you receive AP credit, you may not subsequently enroll in a similar course as outlined in the Courses of Study for credit at Cornell unless the AP credit is removed.

Students may earn AP credit from one of the following:

  1. The requisite score on a departmental examination at Cornell (usually given during Orientation Week) or on a College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) test. The requisite scores for the CEEB exams are determined by the relevant department at Cornell, vary by subject, and are published in Courses of Study.
  2. AP credit may only be applied toward free electives (except for the First Year Writing Seminar and HADM 1410).
  3. A regular course taught at an accredited college to college students and approved by the relevant department at Cornell. Some departments have delegated the review of courses to college staff according to guidelines they have formulated. Some departments review each request individually. Some departments accept credit from virtually all accredited colleges; some do not.
  4. Credit for the international baccalaureate, the German Abitur, the GCE A levels, etc., is evaluated individually.

Note: Cornell does not accept credit for courses sponsored by colleges but taught in high schools to high school students. This is true even if the college provides a transcript of such work. Students who have taken such courses may, however, take the appropriate CEEB test to qualify for credit as in paragraph 1 above.

See the university’s Courses of Study at for information and limitations on AP credit.