Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

Some courses are offered on a Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory (S-U) basis. University regulations concerning the S-U system require that a grade of “S” be given for work equivalent to a “C-” or better; for work below that level, a “U” must be given. “S” or “U” grades are not included in the computation of semester or cumulative averages; however, a course in which a student receives an “S” is counted for credit. No credit is received for a “U.” Both the “S” and “U” grades appear on a student’s record. Taking courses as S-U is limited to 4 credit hours each semester, not including those only offered S-U, and may only be in non-career track courses (MMH) or non-concentration courses (undergraduate). A maximum of 6 credits in total in Distributive Electives may be taken on an S-U basis.

If a class is offered for letter or S-U grades, students must sign up for that option during pre-enrollment or during the add period. After the deadline, students must petition to change the grade option.

Note: The deadline for changing the grading option is the end of the seventh week of the term.