Hotel Leadership Development Program (HLDP)

HLDP is designed to blend academic coursework with managerial experience to prepare students to quickly assume leadership positions following graduation. To qualify, students must work 200 hours at the Statler Hotel during their first year while maintaining a 2.5 minimum GPA. In the spring of their first year, students may apply and interview with the HLDP Executive Board. If accepted into the program, students select a development track from the following: Accounting, Food and Beverage Division, Human Resources, Rooms Division, or Sales and Marketing. Following a specifically designed path, students may progress through four stages: entry-level, supervisor, manager, and director. In conjunction with the work experience, students are required to take HADM 2170: Hotel Leadership Development Program, HADM 4100: Hospitality Management Seminar, and HADM 4170: Hospitality Leadership.