Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC)

Hotel Ezra Cornell (HEC) is a student-run hospitality conference that has been a School of Hotel Administration tradition since 1925. The three-day conference takes place each April and provides School of Hotel Administration students the opportunity to educate and entertain industry professionals while showcasing what they have learned in the classroom. The mission of Hotel Ezra Cornell is “Showcasing Hospitality Education Through Student Leadership.”

Up to 3 credits of HADM 4910 may count toward SHA Electives. Student managers can earn up to 80 hours and volunteers can earn up to 40 hours of Practice Credit.

To be on the HEC Board of Directors, students must (1) be in good standing with a grade-point average of 2.0 or higher; (2) have pervious HEC experience; and (3) receive approval of the course instructor.