This list is categorized into areas that students inquire about most often. For more services and locations, refer to the Cornell University Faculty, Staff, and Students Directory.

Crises or Emergencies

  • Life-Threatening Emergencies, 911
  • Cornell Police, G2 Barton Hall, 607.255.1111
  • Cornell Health, 110 Ho Plaza, 607.255.5155
  • Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca Emergency Room, 607.274.4411
  • Advocacy Center: Domestic Violence and Youth Sexual Abuse, 607.277.5000
  • Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service, 607.272.1616
  • Victim Advocacy, 607.255.1212


Academic Difficulties

  • Course Instructor
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Office of Student Services, 180 Statler Hall, 607.255.6376
  • Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 146 Statler Hall, 607.255.3692

Academic Program: Requirements and Planning


  • Office of Admissions, 180 Statler Hall, 607.255.6376
  • Internal Transfer Division, 222 CCC, 607.255.4386

Career Management

Courses: Adding or Dropping

Disability Services

  • Student Disability Services, 420 CCC Building, 607.254.4545
  • SHA Representative, 180 Statler Hall, 607.255.6376

Graduation Requirements

Learning Skills Improvement

Leaves of Absence, Types of and Forms for

Petitions, Forms for

Certification of Enrollment and Degree


Study Abroad


Transfer Credit: Evaluation


Counseling and Other Resources

  • CAPS: Counseling and Psychological Services, 607.255.5208
  • Advocacy Center: Domestic Violence and Youth Sexual Abuse (24-hour hotline), 607.277.5000: provides support and services to people impacted by domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and sexual assault.
  • EARS: Empathy, Assistance, and Crisis Service, 607.255.EARS (607.255.3277)
  • Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service (24-hour hotline), 607.272.1616



Grievances, Appeals, Unjust Treatment; General


International Students

Legal Matters


Medical and Sexual Health Counseling

Multicultural Student Services

Religious Matters