Master of Management in Hospitality Program

MMH Degree Requirements

Students must complete 48 credits, including 29 credits of required core courses (CC), 15 credits of career concentration courses, 4 credits of additional Elective courses.  In addition, all students must successfully complete the Professional Development (PD) activities each semester and a winter break externship. Students must earn a cumulative and semester grade-point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale

Semester I(a)  
HADM 7230: Corporate Finance (CC) 3
HADM 7240: Managerial Accounting (CC) 3
Professional Development (PD) n/c
Semester I(b)  
HADM 7030: Operations Management (CC) 3
HADM 7430: Hospitality Marketing (CC) 3
HADM 7970: Hospitality Industry Leadership Development Plan (LDP) (CC) 1
Professional Development n/c
Semester II  
HADM 6100: MMH Discussion Forums in Hospitality Management (CC) 1
HADM 7110: Organizational Behavior (CC) 3
HADM 7510: Properties Development and Planning (CC) 3
HADM 7610: MMH Managerial Communication (CC) 3
Career Concentration Required Courses 5
Free Electives Courses 3.5
Professional Development (PD) n/c
Externship (PD) n/c
Master Class optional
Semester III  
HADM 7812: Human-Resource Management (CC) 3
HADM 7440: Hospitality Strategy (CC) 3
Career Concentration Required Courses 10
Free Electives Courses 3.5
Total Required 48

Core Course Waiver Policy

An MMH student may waive a core course (without receiving credit) with the permission of the instructor by exhibiting an understanding of the body of knowledge covered by the course. The student must replace the course with an equivalent number of credit hours during the same term. The student must justify the waiver by submitting a written request to the instructor including a statement about how (s)he will complete the assigned credit hours (with copies to the current director of graduate studies (SHA) and the Office of Student Services (SHA), or to the Dean at Cornell-Nanyang Institute and staff, as appropriate). Typically, the waiver will only be considered if the student has previously completed an undergraduate major or taken graduate courses in the area, and has three or more years of related work experience.

Course Load Policy

Students must take at least 12 credits each semester.  The typical course load for MMH students is 15-18 credits per semester.  Students may enroll in up to 20 credits for the fall term, including required classes.  Students who choose to take the Master Class during the spring term may enroll up to 20 credit hours for that term; students who do not enroll in the Master Class may enroll in up to 19 credit hours for the spring term including required classes.

Career Concentration

Students will choose one of four career concentration options: Operations and Revenue Management, Real Estate Finance and Investments, Marketing Management or Self-Directed. Students are required to complete 15 credits of career concentration courses as specified by the career concentration faculty advisor. All concentration courses must be taken for a letter grade unless they are only offered S-U.

Residency Requirement

You must complete three semesters in residence at Cornell University, enrolling for at least 12 credits each semester. As with most graduate-level degrees, it is not possible to transfer residency from other universities. The Director of Graduate Studies in conjunction with the Graduate Committee will set a maximum number of credit hours that a student may take each semester.

CAUTION: Graduate Elective credit is not given for 1000- or 2000-level courses. Additionally, students will not receive Elective credit in 3000- or 4000-level courses if there is an equivalent graduate course.

Students must receive permission from their faculty advisor to receive credit for undergraduate courses taken outside the School of Hotel Administration.

Physical education credits do not count toward your MMH degree.

Foreign language courses, at the introductory level, may be taken for Elective credit with written permission from your faculty advisor.

Remember that neither Cornell University nor the School of Hotel Administration is able to offer all courses each semester.

Independent study is another option for earning elective credit. You must submit a specific proposal to a faculty member for approval. Once approved, you must obtain the appropriate form from the Office of Student Services, complete it with the assistance of the faculty member, and then return it to the Office of Student Services. Independent study courses allow you to gain expertise in a specific area of interest, and they often evolve into publishable papers.

Taking courses on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory (S-U) basis is limited to 4 credit hours each semester, not including those courses only offered S-U, and may only be in non-career track courses. Core and career concentration courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Audit: Course auditing is not permitted.

Academic Deficiency

The minimum GPA for continuation in the MMH program is 2.5 in each semester of the program. If a student has a semester GPA of less than 2.5 at the end of any of the three semesters (at the end of the two summer sessions, the end of the fall semester, or the end of the spring semester), the student will be automatically dismissed from the MMH program. This dismissal is subject to appeal to the Graduate Committee, as delegated by the graduate faculty.  Students who have been dismissed may not reapply to the MMH program.

Faculty Advising

One of the most significant parts of graduate school is your relationship with the faculty. The SHA faculty is uniquely positioned to offer you academic advice, career planning, and networking contacts. Your faculty advisor is the faculty director of your particular concentration.

Career Advising

Equal in importance, and more specifically the objective of your education, is a promising and fulfilling career in the hospitality industry. Career Management, located in the Office of Student Services, is a resource for your winter externship and permanent job search. Additionally, the MMH Professional Development program guides you through the many crucial steps and skills necessary for a successful job search and provides you with best practices for lifelong career management.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Occasionally students need to interrupt their studies by requesting a leave of absence because of extenuating circumstances beyond their control. Three types of leaves are available to graduate students:

1. Medical leave

2. Personal leave

3. Part-time study leave

To apply for a LOA, you must complete and submit the LOA form to the Office of Student Services at the School of Hotel Administration. Your request is reviewed by the Graduate Committee and the director of graduate studies. If approved, it is forwarded to the graduate school for approval. Approval is not automatic and only students in good academic standing may request a LOA.

To be readmitted, you must submit the request in writing to the Office of Student Services.