Students must complete:

  • 13 credit hours of SHA electives (must be taken for a letter grade unless course is only offered S/U and at the 3300 level or higher)
  • 18 credit hours of distributive electives (that includes the First Year Writing Seminar)
  • 24 credit hours in free electives 

The following SHA courses only count toward free elective:

  • HADM 1910 Distinguished Lectures in Hospitality Management
  • HADM 2170 Hotel Leadership Development Program
  • HADM 4930 and 4940 Management Intern Program
  • HADM 4980 and 4990 Undergraduate Independent Study(students may petition for up to 6 credit hours to count toward SHA electives)
  • HADM 4150 Managerial Leadership in the 21st Century
  • HADM 3040 Club Management
  • HADM 4920 Information Survival Skills
  • HADM 4910 Hotel Ezra Cornell (up to 3 credit hours may count toward SHA Electives the rest are free electives)

Distributive Electives

  • Broaden and strengthen the intellectual and analytical base of students’ thinking
  • Students are required to take a minimum of 18 distributive elective credits outside the school, with a minimum of 3 credits each to be taken in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural or physical sciences areas
  • A maximum of 6 credits total in distributive electives may be taken on an S-U basis and no more than 4 credits of S-U may be taken in any one term
  • AP credits do not count toward distributive electives (exception is the First Year Writing Seminar)
  • Web-based Cornell University courses do not count toward distributive electives–free only.  NOTE: web-based courses must be taken summer or winter break, or during a semester when no other on-campus courses are being taken.

NOTE: LSC supplemental courses will appear on transcript, but will not count toward graduation credit.

See: Appendix 2 and Double Dipping