In addition to the core curriculum, students are given the option of selecting Electives, either in or outside the School of Hotel Administration.

Students must take a minimum of 12 credits of SHA Elective courses at the 3300 level or higher. All courses taken under the SHA Elective area must be taken for a letter grade unless the course is offered only with the S-U option.

Distinguished Lectures in Hospitality Management (HADM 1110), Statler Leadership Development Program (HADM 2217), the Management Intern Program (HADM 4493 and HADM 4494), Undergraduate Independent Study (HADM 4498-4499), Managerial Leadership in the 21st Century (HADM 4415), and Club Management (HADM 3304) may not count toward SHA Electives, only toward Free Electives. Up to 3 credits of Hotel Ezra Cornell (HADM 4491) may count toward SHA Electives. Hospitality Management Seminar (HADM 4410) is offered for a letter grade and is a SHA Elective. Students may declare a concentration or minor within SHA Electives.

See: Concentration, Minors, and Appendix 2

In order to broaden and strengthen the intellectual and analytical base of students’ thinking, students are required to take a minimum of 18 Distributive Elective credits outside the school, with a minimum of 3 credits each to be taken in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural or physical sciences. A maximum of 6 credits total in Distributive Electives may be taken on an S-U basis and no more than 4 credits may be taken in any one term.

Finally, the student must take a minimum of 21 Free Elective credits in Electives of his/her choice either in or outside the School of Hotel Administration.

Note: First-year writing seminars may not be taken to fulfill the Distributive Elective requirements, as the seminars do not provide the thorough understanding of the way of thinking and development of the various disciplines that the distribution requirement is designed to provide.

Note: Online/Distance Learning courses taken in the fall or spring semester will not count toward Distributive Electives.

Caution: See Double Dipping