Management Intern Program (MIP)/Long-Term Internships

The Management Intern Program (MIP) is a one-semester work-study program for juniors and first-semester seniors who have completed required coursework. Students may elect to extend the program to include a summer. The MIP is a unique opportunity for students to gain invaluable knowledge and experience in the real world while receiving twelve free-elective credits and one unit of Practice Credit only if they extend through a summer, as well as typically earning a salary.

Students apply to the program one semester prior to the desired internship period. At the beginning of each semester, Career Management staff host a mandatory information session for all prospective MIP candidates.

Although there are academic requirements, the internship is flexible enough to meet your specific interests as well as the needs of the sponsoring company. To be accepted as a management intern, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good academic standing, have a GPA of 2.85 or higher, and have two faculty recommendations
  • Have completed four semesters (including all first- and second-year core coursework) of study in the School of Hotel Administration
  • Have processed required practice credit to date (at least one full unit of 400 hours of practice credit)
  • Receive approval by the faculty at large and MIP administrators

MIP opportunities received from employers will be posted on HandshakeDepending on their specific interest, students may work with staff to identify additional opportunities.

If you are accepted for an internship, you pay 80% of full Cornell tuition during the internship. MIP students may elect to take an additional three credit hours at an accredited academic institution (this must be approved in advance by the MIP administrators).

Internships administered by other colleges or universities are not transferable to Cornell. For further information regarding the MIP process, please contact Career Management, 180 Statler Hall.

Long-Term Internships

Long-Term Internships are four to eight months in length. Students seeking a Long-Term Internship will need to plan accordingly and will be required to take a voluntary leave of absence from the university. To take a leave of absence, you must complete a Petition Form and submit it to the Office of Student Services, 180 Statler Hall. If you are a graduating student, you may also consider these internships.