Connect Entrepreneurial Hotelies Mentor Network

The Connect Entrepreneurial Hotelies Mentor Network is a program that connects Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration students with Cornell Nolan School alumni entrepreneurs. The benefit of connecting students with alumni is for their shared experience of being “hotelies”—a moniker that distinguishes them from the entire Cornell community. Building on this shared experience, the program’s mission is twofold—to develop the careers of budding entrepreneurs and to strengthen ties with the Nolan School community. As hotelies, mentors and students have a mutual understanding of the hospitality industry, which facilitates the process of bringing a new business idea to maturity.

Beginning in 2016 the Connect Entrepreneurial Hotelies Mentor network has employed Gallup’s Entrepreneurial Profile 10 (EP10) to help participants discover more of their entrepreneurial talents. The profiles allow mentors and students to explore the students’ established entrepreneurial talents. Both mentors and students are required to commit 15 hours to the program throughout the year.