Entrepreneurship Courses

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Concentration

The School of Hotel Administration offers undergraduate students a concentration in entrepreneurship. To declare a concentration and have it appear on the final transcript, students must submit an Election of Concentration form to the Office of Student Services. All courses must be taken for a letter grade (unless offered with only an S-U option). Students must achieve a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA within the concentration courses.


Required Courses for Undergraduate Concentration (8 credits):

Optional Courses (minimum of 4 credits)

Master’s Entrepreneurship Concentration

MMH students must complete a combination of 12 credit hours of courses from the below list to satisfy the concentration requirements: two required courses (totaling six credits) and six credits from the elective list below. In addition, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0. Students who take this concentration must take an additional 3 credit hours of free electives to total the 48 credits required to receive an MMH degree (29 required core course, 12 concentration electives, and 7 free electives).


Required Courses for Master’s Concentration (6 credits):

  • HADM 6130: Entrepreneurial Management (3 credits)
  • HADM 6145: Strategic Business Plan Development (3 credits)

Electives (minimum of 6 credits from the below)

  • HADM 6135: Conversations with Entrepreneurs
  • HADM 6144: Opportunity Recognition and Ideation (seven-week course, 2 credits)
  • HADM 6140: Corporate Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • HADM 6125: Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • HADM 6133: Global Conversations with Entrepreneurs (3 credits)
  • HADM 6180: Technology for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • HADM 6211: Entrepreneurial Finance (3 credits)
  • HADM 6800: Law for Entrepreneurs (3 credits)
  • HADM 4301/6301: Restaurant Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • HADM 4965/6965: Business Plan Competition (1 credit)