HADM 4370: Seminar in Quality Brewing and Fine Beer

Spring. 3 credits. S/U grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 4300. One required local field trip (no fee). Elective.

Giuseppe Pezzotti (ggp1) – Fall 2017
Giuseppe Pezzotti (ggp1) – Spring 2018
Giuseppe Pezzotti (ggp1) – Spring 2019

This course is designed for upper-level students who intend to pursue a career in the food and beverage industry. Students will advance their knowledge about beers in terms of managing such products in a restaurant setting or other foodservice outlet. Lecture topics include the brewing process, sensory aspects of beer, international beer types and styles, marketing malt products, purchasing and distribution, storage and service, beer and food pairings, staff training and education, cost controls, and third-party liability issues.