HADM 1361: Principles of Food and Beverage Operations Management

Fall, Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only (no audit).

Open to Nolan School students. Students are pre-enrolled into this course.


  • Aaron Adalja (aaa362) - Fall 2023
  • Soojin Lee (sl2634) - Spring 2024
  • Michael Kingra (mrk248) - Spring 2024
  • Marie Ozanne Lebret (meo84) - Spring 2024


In this course students are introduced to the principles of food and beverage operations management. Attention is focused on market segments and industry structure with an emphasis on product and systems differentiation. Course goals include a conceptual understanding of, and the practical application of (e.g., lab activities), the components of foodservice systems: menu and product development and management, production, service, controls, financial analysis, food safety, ethics, and quality assurance.