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Guest Speakers

Hospitality Facilities and Operations
May 2, 2023 Tuesday
Bruce Hoffmeister
Chief Information Officer
Cracker Barrel Restaurants
HADM1350 (Roberts) Introduction to Hotel Operations

Centers & Institutes

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 Center for Hospitality Research

 2nd Annual Hospitality Data Analytics Reception & Roundtable
Analytics for Hospitality: Aligning Interests, Unlocking Potential, and Prioritizing Customer Experience
May 15 – 16, 2023

Washington, D.C.
This roundtable discussion centers around the importance of using analytics to drive growth and success in the hospitality industry. We will cover the various challenges and opportunities involved in maximizing the value of analytics, such as aligning the interests of owners and brands, exploring partnerships with academia and industry, and prioritizing the customer experience. The sessions will also highlight the need to overcome obstacles such as proprietary data concerns, operationalizing analytical results, and convincing stakeholders to prioritize analytics-driven initiatives.
Faculty or students interested in attending these events may email Nicole McQuiddy – Davis, CHR Program Manager at

Center for Innovative Hospitality Labor & Employment Relations

17th Annual HR in Hospitality Conference
May 1 – 3, 2023
Registration now open
Phoenix, AZ
We are pleased to announce that the 2023 National HR in Hospitality Conference is coming to Arizona!
The National HR in Hospitality Conference is the industry’s premier HR conference, bringing together the legal and practical aspects of human resources within the hospitality industry.

21st Annual Labor and Employment Law Roundtable
Monday, September 11, 2023, 9 – 5pm
Statler Hotel Ballroom
The Cornell Center for Innovative Hospitality and Labor Relations (CIHLER) is pleased to host the 21st Annual Labor and Employment Law Roundtable. CIHLER Board Members, Industry Experts and Cornell Faculty will come together to discuss the most pressing issues in Hospitality HR such as Union Organizing and Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
This event is by invitation only contact Natalie Oldfield for more information

Please email Natalie Oldfield, CIHLER Program Manager at

Center for Real Estate and Finance

 Spring Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, June 5, 2023
This event is by invitation only.
Please email Elizabeth Cunningham, CREF Program Manager at

Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to the winner of the 2023 Hospitality Business Plan Competition, Lucas Suero ’26 of Citizens of the World!
Citizens of the World is an NGO designed to introduce young adults to a life of philanthropy. They sponsor young adult travel to communities worldwide, allowing them to find their passion.

Watch the 2023 competition recording here

2nd Place – Team Ryokan Ikigai
Ryokan Ikigai is a brand-new hotel concept in upstate NY. It will be a traditional Japanese Ryokan concept centered around hot-spring baths, elaborate in-room Kaiseki meals, and encompass the highest level of hospitality, or Japanese Omotenashi.

  • Adrian Elduque, MMH ’23
  • Adam Joffe, MMH ’23
  • Yui Kawamura, MMH ’23
  • Kartikeya Khanna, MMH ’23
  • Leon Provost Jr., MMH ’23

3rd Place – Team Stage
Stage offers a platform for urgent hiring in the hospitality industry that leverages on a pool of quality talent.

  • Ryan Degraw, MMH ’23
  • Johanna Jackson, MMH ’23
  • Matthieu Laurens, MMH ’23
  • Melody Madhavan, MMH ’23
  • Mari Okamura, MMH ’23

Honorable Mention – Tribe
Tribe is a community-based platform that fosters rich social connection by empowering users to join and host experiences in their local community.

  • Christopher Browne, MPS RE ’23
  • Saamia Bukhari, MMH ’23
  • Benjamin Hirschfeld, MBA ’23

Honorable Mention – Abilitate
Abilitate is an end-to-end metaverse based training solution for hospitality businesses. By training servers, bartenders, housekeepers, and other customer facing positions in a virtual environment, their training modules include POS, customer service, dish identification, and more.

  • Lyon Li ’23
  • Kushagra Jain ’23 (A&S)


Spring Advisory Board Meeting
Monday, June 5, 2023
This event is by invitation only.
Please email Michelle Ciaschi, PIHE Program Manager at

Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures

Reinventing Health, Hospitality, and Design Symposium
May 11-13, 2023
Hosted by the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures
Held on the idyllic Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY from May 11-13, the Reinventing Health, Hospitality, and Design Symposium will include lectures and panels led by economists, senior living and hospitality entrepreneurs, and healthcare practitioners and designers. Beth Mace, chief economist at NIC, and Rohit Verma, Founding Provost of VinUniversity and Professory in the Cornell University Nolan School of Hotel Administration, will give keynote addresses. Special events include a reception and the opportunity to participate in a botanical walk, engage in art therapy, or immerse oneself in a virtual, stress -reducing water environment. Additionally, participants can register for a workshop, “Reimagining Assisted Living,” beginning the evening of May 12, and led by Troy Savage of Mazzetti, where they will gather in multidisciplinary teams to engage in blue sky exploration of senior living space design. We are providing 8 hours of AIA HSW CEU approved course content on “Reimagining Assisted Living”.
Students can now register to be waitlisted. Students should register here:
Details regarding the agenda, hotels, speakers and registration can be found at:
CIHF Faculty Fellows, Academic Scholars, and Industry Scholars get 50% off registration with the discount code CIHFScholar, all other faculty receive a 25% discount with discount code FacultyCIHF.

Nestlé Library Resource of the Week

Nestlé Library Resource of the Week – MSCI ESG Direct
MSCI ESG Direct measures the social and environmental impact of more than 5,000 corporations through an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) rating system. In addition to issues such as climate change and resource scarcity, MSCI ESG Direct also measures elements such as a company’s labor practices, internal governance, product safety, data security, carbon emissions, and more.



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