The auditorium space includes the Alice Statler Auditorium and the Alice Statler Auditorium Lobby, which may be reserved separately.


Alice Statler Auditorium

The Alice Statler Auditorium is one of the largest capacity classrooms on campus.  The Instructional Technology department oversees all technical aspects of the auditorium, including lighting, sound, and projection, and provides full technical support during all auditorium events.

Use of the auditorium includes access to the following technical services:

  • Podium and microphone
  • Wireless lapel or handheld microphones (5 total)
  • Shure SM58 Standing wired microphones (8 total)
  • Tablet arms at every seat
  • DVD/Blu-ray playback
  • Widescreen HD projection
  • VGA and HDMI Hook-ups for laptop projection
  • Built in PC computer
  • Video and/or Telephone conferencing
  • Document camera
  • CD playback
  • MediaSite video capture and/or live streaming (additional fee applies)

Use: Lectures, presentations, and other special events
Capacity: 715, seated (467, main floor; 248, balcony)
Cost: $750, half day; $1,500, full day
Availability: Daily

Interested in reserving this space? Please visit 25Live. The space is called STL185.

Alice Statler Auditorium Lobby

The Alice Statler Auditorium Lobby is automatically reserved with an auditorium reservation. It is available for reservation separately only when the auditorium is not in use.

Use: Receptions
Capacity: 100, standing
Cost: $300, half day; $600, full day. There is no additional cost if included with an auditorium reservation. Availability: Daily. May be reserved separately only when auditorium is not reserved.

Interested in reserving this space?  Please read our policy statement and fill out the reservation request form.