2019 Pitch Deck Competition

Congratulations to the 2019 winning teams! pitch deck winners

  1. First Place: WAY
  2. Second Place: Silver Moon
  3. Third Place: Suna Breakfast

First Place: WAY ($3,000)

Splitting the check requires fighting to get a server’s attention, calculating who owes what, and finding yourself in uncomfortable situations with friends. WAY is a FinTech startup that streamlines the check-splitting process. Simply scan a photo of the check, share with friends, choose your items, and pay with WAY.

  • Joe Davolio ’20 (ILR)
  • Justin Goldstein ’21 (SHA)

Second Place: Silver Moon ($1,500)

Silver Moon is a travel agency targeting the wealthy retired population in China who are seeking personalized overseas travel planning products & services.

  • Shucen Ding, MMH ’20

Third Place: Suna Breakfast ($500)

Suna Breakfast is a breakfast delivery service bridging the gap of students waking up in the morning wanting food but not having access to healthy and convenient options, and university dining systems and diners that have significantly more production capacity in the morning but no way to reach these customers.

  • Pedro Bobrow ’20 (Dyson)
  • Max Child ’20 (SHA)

Honorable Mention: Alfred Complete

Alfred Complete aims to create an all-in-one hotel utility to improve the hotel users’ experiences.

  • Deven Girgenti ’20 (Dyson)
  • Luke Verzella ’23 (SHA)

Special thank you to our judges

Finals Judges

Meli James ’00, Mana up & Hawaii Venture Capital Association
Warren Leeds ’84, Dartcor Food Services
Danny Stein ’92, Volery Capital Partners

Semi-finals Judges

Bob Alter ’73, Seaview Investors
Kenny Blatt ’81, CPG Real Estate
Stacy Fisher-Rosenthal, Fischer Travel Enterprises & Fischer-Rosenthal Consulting
Ravi Mehrotra, IDeaS Revenue Solutions
Mark Wolman, Waterford Hotel Group
Ellen Yui, YUI+Company & YUIDesign

Pitch Deck presentation

Media Coverage

Cornell Chronicle, November 27, 2019: Pitch competition rewards new ‘way’ to pay restaurants