Entrepreneurs in Residence Program Continues to Grow

The Entrepreneurs in Residence (EinR) program at the Pillsbury Institute continues to be in high demand by students at SHA and across campus. This academic year we expanded the program and doubled the number of EinRs. In addition, we now utilize an online signup system to allow for easier appointment scheduling, which helped make for an extremely successful fall semester. We would like to welcome and thank the following alumni and industry leaders who are part of the institute’s Entrepreneur in Residence program:

•    Allison Goldberg ’88, Owner, New England Cranberry Brands
•    Chris Hemmeter ’86, Managing Director, Thayer Ventures
•    Steven Kay ’94, Owner, Mel’s Burger Bar
•    Kira Kohrherr ’01, President, K Public Relations LLC and FitBump
•    Kubs Lalchandani ’99, JD ’04, Co-founder and Partner, Lalchandani Simon PL
•    Joe Lavin ’75, Owner, HarborStone Hospitality
•    Anne Loehr ’90, Founder, Anne Loehr and Associates
•    Tora Matsuoka, Principal, Seasoned Hospitality
•    John Meadow ’02, Founder and President, LDV Hospitality
•    Spencer Rubin ’08, Managing Partner, Melt Shop
•    Joe Tagliente ’89, Partner and Principal, Lenrock Management Group, LP
•    Steve Thomson ’82, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mailboxes Unlimited Ltd

And thank you to the following people for returning for another year:
•    Karim Abouelnaga ’13,
•    Nick Bayer ’00,
•    Marco Benvenuti, MMH ’05,
•    Melialani James ’00
•    Phil Miller ’83