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The Pillsbury Institute at the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration publishes one type of online research study: roundtable highlights. The publication is valuable for its broad appeal and practical implications for hospitality and service industry executives, managers, operators, and consultants.


Prospective authors should review the submission guidelines before submitting a manuscript. Manuscripts must meet formatting and content standards to be considered for review. Authors are strongly encouraged to engage an outside copy editor prior to submitting a manuscript.

From the publication dropdown list, select “Centers and Institutes, Hospitality Publications”.

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Types of Pillsbury Institute Hospitality Publications

All hospitality publications are available at no cost and can be accessed through the Nolan School’s digital repository, PIHE section of Cornell’s eCommons.


A research-based study that addresses issues associated with the hospitality and service industry. A report is a “put-to-work Monday-morning” type of study in that it provides suggestions that are clear and actionable. A reader should have an idea of what to “do differently” having read a report.

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Roundtable Highlights

A concise, specific précis highlighting key points and essential lessons from a roundtable. Like a report, a proceeding should be written with a practitioner audience in mind and focus on actionable suggestions from the discussion.

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